16:59 (04:59 PM)

Ah screen staring

18:03 (06:03 PM)

Hi sweetie

What’s on your mind today?

I wanted to write this earlier, when I was sitting on a bench in the mall, but my father came back out of the store sooner than I expected – because he didn’t buy the SD card (it’s cheaper in the Netherlands) – with his eyes fixed on my phone screen, when he walked towards me. I bought a tripod in the same store. I’m all set for my escape plan :D. Okay, I have all the materials I need, I mean. I still need to re-upload my EP(isode)… It keeps giving me an error message while uploading, because the connection keeps dropping. I thought of uploading it when I’m in the Netherlands, but then it won’t be online in all stores on time. So I need to fix it today. I’ll tell you more about my escape plan and my day in a little bit. I’m going to take my laptop, calculator and other stuff I need to use, to “the main house” (I’m in the guest house now) so that I can make my mathematics test and work on my escape plan. x. 

22:22 (10:22 PM)

Make a wish!

I’m going to video record the rest of my update on what I wanted to tell you and go to sleep

I love you


22:45 (10:45 PM)

Oh, fleh. My fleh sister is in the guest house and when I left my aunt’s house, saying “good night”, she said: “Aren’t you staying until twelve?” It’s her 60th birthday tomorrow. I’m heavily sleep deprived, but I don’t want to give these people more gossip ammo. Also, my aunt is nice. 

Speaking of birthdays… We should re-celebrate my 21st birthday once I’m in The States. Getting to partying right away would be nice, but I need to catch up on sooo much sleep. A pyjama pool party with a lot of good diverse foods would be nice, though, *major hint*. I think you need some proper sleep, too. I’m going to put on a timer and take a nap now. 

23:53 (11:53 PM)

I could barely close my eyes, because my parents came back from bringing my grandmother back to my aunt, and started talking to me and arguing with my sister over a pair of shoes. I’m going to “be at the birthday turn-up” of my aunt for a few minutes and then head back to the guest house. x. 

02:00 (AM)

It was really nice that my aunt thanked me for being there at her birthday.