13:48 (01:48 PM)

I just had lunch at a “warung” (if I’m correct)? I made a picture of the street dogs who were chilling there. Revenge of The Nerds (The became the due to some autocorrect measure, but I want it to be The). My sister and… My cousin…? Are buying batminton rackets now. My uncle, his friend and I are waiting in the car. I talk about flehs a lot, but I think my uncle and aunt, whose house we’re staying at, are really chill. They don’t randomly insult you and then laugh about it. Also, I really like their lifestyle. 

15:12 (03:12 PM)

We just arrived at my aunt’s forest house at Republiek. I made some pictures of the environment. Later today I’ll swim, go to a casino and go to a birthday party. (I haven’t been at a birthday party in soo long… I feel kind of uncomfortable about it. I’m not that good at discussing things that don’t interest me anymore.) 

Soo my sister and cousin (??) are playing batminton and my uncle and his friend are talking outside together with the security guy (?). I don’t feel like socializing, but I don’t want to sit inside either… Man, some weed would have been great right now… Really. There’s this bench next to the lake, that just screams “smoke on me”. 

So, I’ll just fill up a glass and get ready to swim, was what I wanted to type, when, suddenly the rest of the squad arrived. I ate the rest of my telo (fried cassave with fish (and kousenband, but that’s not common (in the Netherlands))) and talked a little bit. 

I want to swim (and make pictures of my reflection in the very dark shaded water).

19:44 (07:44 PM)

We’re on our way to the birthday party now. I’m riding shotgun in my aunt’s car. My aunt is still at Republiek, though. I heard she’s going night swimming. I enjoyed swimming a lot. I was quite scared in the beginning, though, to be attacked by a water snake or a piranha or something. One of the often told anecdotes. The water is so dark you can’t see your own navel. You’ll see it on the pictures. It’s so dark because of the leaves, etc. The conversation was quite nice too. I was with my uncle’s friend and later my father’s friend, who’s also really nice, and my uncle joined. 

After swimming, I joined my father’s friend, in search of a “plantage” monument that had his last name on it. I took my camera along. We didn’t find it, unfortunately. I did take some pictures of the environment. 

After we came back, I made my bed and took a nap, for about 20 minutes. Well, I said I was going to take a nap, because I slept for about two hours the night before, just like the night before that. But I couldn’t fall asleep. So I “laked” in a few minutes, then I was able to sleep. I slept for only a few minutes, when the timer on my phone went off. I woke up so tired. I laid in bed from 18:35 until 18:55. Then I put another timer on for five minutes, because my parents told me they wanted to leave around seven. My mother opened the door right after the timer went off. She was going to take a shower and stuff, so I continued napping. After that I got dressed and put some make-up on. Now, we’re still on our way to the party. I’m going to take a little nap again. 

[Bad, bad news – Leon Bridges (?)]