Hey heey ♥

Deez nutz let you know what time it is:

Some kids dressed up as zwarte piet without blackfacing just gave it to me. 

I’m on my way to meeting a friend. Later doing grocery shopping for dinner and cooking. 


I had a lot of fun with my friend and I enjoyed having my grandmothers over for dinner :). Also, I finally decided on what words to start my business overture with. The right balance between catching attention, using language that displays the right status and not starting in medias res too much, I’ve finally found :]. About with whom and where to share this, I’m not sure yet. 

I need to persist and make sure that I finish the overture within a decent amount of time. I can’t wait to start the real deal :D. When I’m done writing, finding ways to approach the right people, will be my next challenge. 

Some other pictures I made today:

He won ehehe. I was “half”

The winter [should I say “fall”? It’s sooo cold] sun is soo perfect for sungazing 😻

Same old route

Meoww I need warmer weather or better clothes to survive this

The moon descends? Is the Earth then round?

It was greattt

My bowl was still filled, because at some point, the rice was done, so I set the table for the “main course”. Only I wasn’t done eating the starter yet. 

The vegetables I made are for diehards. It includes bitter melon (sopropo), solanum macrocarpon (antroewa), pumpkin, tomatoes, honey, yellow madame jeanette peppers, salted meat (zoutvlees), mint, celery and an union. 

My version of Kartoffelsuppe includes carrots, spinach, bacon, tomatoes, lemongrass, Dutch Bratwurst, a vegetable stock block, an union [I think I eat too many unions?] and of course potatoes. 



The rest of my time this evening, I’ll relax, roll another one and try to keep my brain from as many stimuli as possible, including not looking at my phone screen anymore. 

I hope your evening will be twice as chill as mine. 

And good night in advance ♥

See you tomorrow!