09:46 (AM) 

Gooood morning! <3

Let’s be cosy Bedcuddles this weekend? This because we need to save up energy, for going hammer during the Project Nosce Te Ipsum preparation weeks, starting this Monday. 

18:35 (06:35 PM) 

I’ll be being this Bedcuddle part-time, though. I’ve worked 8 am – 4:30 pm today and I’m doing the same thing tomorrow. Will you Bedcuddle for me?  <3 

Tomorrow I’ll be “running the floor” solo. All other people from my department have had their last day either today or a day before that. I’m the last one of the “substitute transportation Summer department”. Haha I feel quite Cuddle to say thay I feel honored for being given this responsibilty. I want to excel at everything I do, so when I’m working, even though I’m not showing it or talking about it, I think: “I want to something good that hasn’t been done before yet. (As in making history.) I want to be better at this than everyone here.” (And when I don’t, I feel so un-cuddle. That’s what I had at the previous university I was studying at. Erasmus University. Wanting to be an honor student, but having too many side-activities and passions taking away my focus, while I needed to focus enough to get to that level I know I could have reached.) 

On the other hand, I’m quite very excited that this Summer is over. I agreed with working 40 hours a week, from June to the beginning of September, while my school year at the Open University reached its peak. This to save up to earn the initial investment my business needs to grow out into the multi-component organization I want it to be. I’m exhausted and glad I won’t have to make so many work hours anymore, doing something that requires a lot of energy attention-wise, but not much reasoning, because it’s the same procedure in a unique form every time. (It is the talking of the client that starts to sound like a script at some point, hearing someone new say something you’ve heard the last client you’ve spoken to say as well, while I’m using my “script”. [I don’t get how people think it’s normal to complain about the company that is trying to help you, to the company that is trying to help you.]) [Actually, even though talking is a great part of the service I’ve assisted to deliver, my job could be computerized very easily, I’ve noticed. (That would also save a lot of waste-of-time hours listening to someone rage on the phone.)]

I “secretly” learnt a lot about business processes in practice and it felt really cool being as young as 21 and working in the headquarters of a company e-ve-ry-one in this country knows. 

When I used to think of what kind of influence my business would have, I thought of giving everyone an alternative to being systematically forced to work (by people who like to play around with laws to earn more). [The signal of “We don’t know what the fuck we’re doing” the Dutch government gives, keeps getting stronger and stronger…. I need to move :D.] But here I’ve learnt that some people just really live to spend more than 70% of their free time to do routinely work, solely to pay for the essentials they need to survive. (Something to eat every day (quality doesn’t matter), pay rent, a holiday once a year and some extra to spend on things they like or feel they need.) To the question “What’s your purpose? What do you want in life?”, they’ll keep answering “I don’t know”, because they feel contempt with the life they live, where they’re subjected to whether the company (still) wants them or not. They say the routine gives their life meaning. [Those two questions I just mentioned, are the questions I ask almost everyone when I meet them for the first time. Only with some Graeynissis, who(m?) I don’t meet that often, sadly, I’m afraid to ask, because hearing a Graeyniss talk about (yet) unachieved goals makes me sad. Especially when they’re literally grey… But Meow, we’ll get there together!!!] 

So the alternative lifestyle where we don’t have to spend so much time sweating over things you didn’t sign up for when you were born, will be available only to us Cuddles. The extremely chill [I’m not talking about cold, baby…] working circumstances will be there for us, because the knowledge we have and the things we can do, at the level of high quality we do them, can be done only by us. Through D. O. C. I. S. International, we’ll form one big financial unit (of sole proprietors and their businesses), who will support each other in the alternative and “risky” paths we all have chosen, for all eternity.  

I hope I’ll be able to get this business off the ground at once, and I’ll never have to work for a boss again. I need a lot more over-experienced Graeynissis for this, though. For my business to be successful, I need to know the ins and outs of the system by heart. I know this is not that available in books, and there are plenty of Graeynissis who have this knowledge and are, deep down, very eager to share this. Also, I learn a lot faster from listening to a Graeyniss, instead of reading. (I am also not that big a fan of today’s literature………)

Me thinking “Am I going to take a nap in the car during this break? But then I’ll only have a few minutes to eat… “

I came up with a very very very fast recipe for a salad with, “as usual” a combination of flavours you’ve never tasted before

Two days ago, by the way, I prepared steamed salmon with fried Shanxi noodles and vegetables… I should have used more vegetables (I used what I found in the house that seemed suitable, which was paksoi and a courgette), but the combination of noodles and hoisin sauce is amazing. Plus the salmon had steamed so long, it melts on your tongue… Ahh meow, just typing about it makes me want to eat it again! It was very simply prepared by putting some (real!) butter (NO MARGARINE!!!!) into a small bowl and adding lime juice, thyme and salt to this. Then in the bottom pan of your steam pan put some vegetable stock and put the butter on top of the salmon while it’s getting steamed. If you keep an eye on the water level, since it shouldn’t dry out, and let it on the stove for at least 30 minutes (the longer,  the better, though), you’ll experience the same awesomeness… 

By the way, if you drive a diesel car, it doesn’t matter what type of diesel you put in it, right? Normally at the gas stations I go to, there’s only one type of diesel. This time, I had to choose between FuelSave diesel and VPower diesel. I chose VPower, because I hoped it would make the car go faster hahaha. I’ve spent so much on gas these months, while it’s my mother’s car, who could easily miss the gas money, while I’m saving to cover my business expenses (and buy myself things, for which I haven’t had the money for years).

D. O. C. I. S. International sells the services and products of its (Council) members. Some will be sold to the masses, some will be sold to their members. My products and services, for example, will not do well @ the masses. They require a lot of “pre-knowledge” and interest in something that isn’t propagated by today’s mass media. 

Monday I can finally start setting out exact time related goals for this project. I do need to study in the meantime, but this won’t be as occupational as working 40 hours, while having 2 tests about every two weeks. This is all part of the plan. 

I’m going to eat some midnight salad, take off my make-up, brush my teeth, lake and sleep. It’s exactly 00:00 now. 

Good night, my love. <3