12:43 (AM) 

My Sweetniss <3

I’m trying to bridge the gap between my “web-traffic life” and “my existence ft. sapiens”. In “my existence ft sapiens” most people do not know that I am Lil Fangs. In my web traffic life, my audience is practically anonymous. I can see the web traffic increase every day [THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3], but I can’t see who my visitors are. 

I made a Facebook page? I doubt if the engagement I will receive there will be large, but why not give it a shot, right?

Could you please help me make this page a little less awkward? 😀

From my 490 “friends” [I had “more”, before….], I have 2 likes this far :D. I wonder if I’ll ever reach “friend-of-a-friend”-level through likes and shares… (This is how you learn who your friends are. I already knew how painful this was going to be when I started to make it…) 

Hahahaha ohh let’s see if I can still find the posts that Facebook declined… 

Nope :D. 

I wrote this entire piece about how I want to use that page as an “audience filter”.

I said that I think FB has two types of audience. The type that lives for shallow gossip and the “Well, if you want it that bad. Giving in is less dreadful than trying to explain my opinion to you”-type. And that I do not want shallow people to engage in my projects AHAHAHAHA it feels so random to write that on a business page!!!! 

I can now see that 18 people have looked at the post, and one person engaged in it. Shout out to you, my Cuddle! 

As I knew, way way waaaay back, I will have to sponsor my content to get it liked :D. My ad is now “under review”.

Ah meow, I need to work on this assignment

And then get back to writing the new episode hehehehehehe :D. 

~ Intermezzo of yesterday’s unposted images ~


Still haven’t had time to read itt. I wanted to show you this :]. It was my grandfather’s


Haha the drunk and high me had fun yesterday. 

14:35 (02:35 PM) 

Haha “statistics”….

I still need to eat. I want to brush my teeth (and shower) before I do, so I was waiting until the shower was free :]. (Is that something you have ever done, too?)

Haha by supporting me, you show thay you’re not left-wing or right-wing. You’re also not in between. You’re above! We’re above :D. 

16:24 (04:24 PM) 

Haha you must be surprised, my Graeyniss? My writing is better than “that”…

17:11 (05:11 PM) 

Haha okay I’ll use today to relax some more, for my body needs this. I write Nosce Te Ipsum for relaxation¿

Writing is fun, I think, but when I do it for too many hours in a day, the position I write or type in becomes a bit annoying. I don’t think our bodies are made for sitting and laying down for most parts of the day. 

19:33 (07:33 PM) 

Haha meow¿

Haha people find this funny?

I haven’t had dinner in three days… I have this option of eating this now three days old vegetarian takeout roti, but that was the reason I preferred not to eat in the first place… It’s not the roti that makes me do this, it’s the takeout aspect… 

I find it “funny” how as soon as there’s some bad rumor spread about me, sooo many people engage in spreading the word, but my “better news” post has 1 like from my “personal circle” x_x. I really wonder what they wrote about me, when I was “missing”. They were all making me feel so shitty for saying that I have made them “sooooo worried”. Someone has told them to take their shared message off the internet? Who? To this day, I still don’t know what has actually happend… But I’m afraid I’ll lose it if they start about how they too believe that I’m crazy etc AGAIN, so here I am, pondering…