Heyyy ♥

It has been a while. Excuse my absence. I have been working on this awesome essay:

Evolving Individualism in the 9-5 Economy

The concept I had laid out months ago. Thought that it was going to take just a few hours and a few pages to work it out, but after my last diary post I saw that I needed a lottt more words to explain the entire concept in detail to someone who would not see me explain it in person. I’m glad that it’s finished now. 🙂 Finished and featured! You should read it. I predict what you should personally do to become happier. 🙂 Do you agree with my suggestion for you?

Last Week

After my tour for groceries, from my last diary post (opens in new tab), I succeeded in trying to make extension box braids for the first time:

Which took me until early in the morning. I think it’s quite all right for a first time trying it myself. 🙂

On Wednesday September 4 I had an info night to attend in Antwerp, but after having been stuck in traffic for about an hour and not even being past Dordrecht at that point, I went back home.

Friday morning I thought of looking online for a dress to wear next Friday. Something with a bit of character… I ended up on Fashion Nova (opens in new tab (discount 🙂 )), with no equivalent stores to be found, and though I was expecting to not be able to receive it in time – since it’s shipped in from a different continent – the cart indicated that my order could be delivered by Monday if I ordered within 6 hours or so…

First I had my eyes on this dress, named “Another Night High Low Dress”…

It’s really cool. I thought it would suit the evolutionary futuristicness of the essay’s theme. But for a Beer & Learn I felt I would be Alice in Wonderland-style overdressed…

So I chose this one: “My Heart Beats For You” 🙂

And with the upcoming start of university in mind, plus maybe other interesting moments coming up as well, I bought other things, including this:

“Supernatural High Rise Jeans” yay

This pretty “Anne Marie Sweater Top”

“Shake It Off Jacket” hehe 🙂

And I ordered some butt lifting shorts there (something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but then thinking “noo let me keep it natural” every time… Now I’m letting that go. I’d like some turning heads meowww). Plus, with that tight white dress in mind, I bought a waist corset at Zalando that same day, which came in the mail yesterday:

I’m a corset person now… Hahaha 🙂

(Another controversial picture… I am simply showing a life in as much detail as I can.) This in combination with those butt shorts will look good in that dress. 🙂 I’ll feel comfortable presenting, if it is here on time… The estimated delivery time became Wednesday after it was shipped out, and now it is estimated on Friday itself… 🙁 🙁 I might have to look for a back-up dress…

As long as I look D.O.C.I.S. representable and somewhere in between formal and informal, to suit the event and not have my appearance as a distraction in a negative sense… Because if I’d see this, I would certainly go:

🙂 🙂 🙂

It is the first time in my life that I see my name on a poster like that, which is very exciting! 😻 This is visible all through the office building now. I hope that a lot of people will come. 😀

🙂 🙂 🙂

Alexandra has given them very cool designs. I’m very happy and thankful for the effort she has put in making this all possible for me. 🙂 I will do my very best to leave a positively unforgettable impression. 🙂 Hopefully this opportunity will lead to more public speaking opportunities.

This Week

Monday and the rest of this Sunday will be spent on my PowerPoint presentation and mapping what should be on my Wikipedia pages (in such a way that it will be accepted, because it would be such a shame if it were deleted…). I’ll practice the presentation in front of my family (like the old days…).

Tuesday and Wednesday I have more apartment visitations planned in Antwerp, where I will spend the night and hopefully find a comfortable pair of heels.

Thursday morning I will see doctor Helberg and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

And Friday is the day of Beer & Yays (lol I won’t be saying yays). I am sooo curious about the way my audience will respond to what I have to say. A great part of it will be about incentivizing them to share their stance about controversial career-related statements with me. I wonder if it will be all-yay openness or defensive openness (when views vary too much)… I’ll be prepared for both, for both are reasonable and both ways can be a lot of challenging fun, though hoping for the most peaceful experience. 🙂 (Especially because I want to be doing this more often…)

After Friday, I’ll have a week of chilling left before uni starts… 🙂 It’s all yays. 🙂

Meowww I’ll be working on this PowerPoint now… And on my hand-outs. 🙂 If you would, during a presentation, be asked to fold a piece of paper 4 times, to write some stuff on it that will be used later in the presentation, would that be yay or nay? (Polling software does not support the type of calculation required for this presentation.) I would think it’s yay because it’s different than usual. But in that same way some could think that it’s un-yay because it’s different from usual in an old-school sense…

Anywayy see you tomorrow. 🙂 ♥


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