Heyyy ♥

Hehe according to my schedule, I should actually be working on some legal documents right now, but I reallyyy want to share what was on my mind last night, as I was trying to make my thoughts enter sleep mode.

Sexy Pajama Party

I had this fantasy of being at “a” festival, where everyone can just be themselves without having to behave politically correct and stuff. As I was walking from one stage to another, I spotted Catthierry.
As usual, I was overwhelmed by “How should I behave?”-questions. But different from usual, I decided to be my touchy and open self, instead of trying my best to keep my distance and not speak of emotion.
In the assumption that he remembers me, I greeted him with a friendly hug and started the conversation off with a “Kom je hier vaker?”, as we secluded ourselves from familiar faces. In our conversation I was touchy the way I want to be when I have a conversation with someone. From my most emotional layer of self, I shared that I ran away from our last (and first) conversation because him handing me my business card made me want to cry. Like I always try to befriend Graeynissis and you always run away from me. 🙁 We have such similar characters that I can’t consider anyone else a friend the way I consider a Graeyniss my friend on sight. And that I have a lot of respect for the way he copes with the fucking dumb people he has to debate against. Plus that I hope that my touchiness is not disturbing to him, but that I assume this is not because I noticed hella sexual tension between us, though I respect his relationship and therefore am just a touchy friend.

We later run into Marcatje and I share with them my hypothesis that Cathierry and Marcatje actually have very similar views, but that Catthierry argues from a revolutionary point of view and Marcatje argues from a point of view that takes other people and their interests into consideration as well, even when they are not similar to his. And that I’m certain that in my Book Club I can get them to reach a consensus.

~Fast forward because I’m losing time~

The next day, at some big concert, I spot Victishe. I tell my relatives with whom I’m visiting the festival that I’ll see them later, maneuver myself through the crowd and wrap myself around him, hugging him without even having said hello. He (to my great surprise) wraps his arms around me. (Not caring about the eyes on us because everyone is crazy intoxicated anyway.)
He lowers himself to be able to hear me. I cover his opposite ear with my hand and put my other hand on his shoulder, as I apologize for my early informality, which was not meant as disrespect, but done with the idea that formality creates distance and I do not want any distance between us, my lips nearly touching his ears. Him, too, I ask if he “comes hier vaker”.
Our conversation is fun, we run into Catthierry, Marcatje and even more Graeynissis. Then we suddenly were like “Ay let’s ditch this party,” and head over to someone’s trippy large house to continue our party there.

When I have awesome visions of things like this, I always ask myself: “Could this become reality?” My conclusion is no, because, even if we’d say that we’ll all fly to the Netherlands on Monday and that my sister and I will thus stay a little longer and go home by private plane, my father would never allow us to do that… (That is my most heavyweight reason why no haha.)

But Seriously thooo

I haven’t even started to imagine what Curacao can be like yet… I don’t know who is going to North Sea Jazz Curacao? I hope YOU are!!! 😀 I really hope that I’m your favorite author and that you’ll greet me when you see me, even when I’m with my family. Because I’ll be with my family all of the time. But I’ll definitely bring along a stack of business cards and hope that I can get some people excited for my book club and/or buying books in The D.O.C.I.S. Store and/or investing in D.O.C.I.S. International.

I really look forward to it. 😀 I hope I can buy some new clothes before going there because my clothing kinda sucks haha…

Apartment Hunting

Meoow last night I also saw that I haven’t been selected for that one apartment that was yays, with the little office and balcony and stuff. It, again, overwhelmed me with “Why is The Universe doing this to me? 🙁 🙁 🙁 ” type of thoughts. But honestly, I hope that I’ll be refused for the other apartment as well, because it’s impossible to ship packages from there.

To stay in hotels and/or drive from Capelle to Antwerp very frequently is also mission impossible, if I want to ship these books out in time.

So strategically, I hope that before September 23rd I’ll already be selling way over my maximum capacity, so that I have no other choice but – within The D.O.C.I.S. Network – seek for investors and have the numbers from the first month as proof that you’ll surely earn back more than you give me. And then buy a mansion somewhere hahaha. And donate some stacks to the creators of my WordPress themes and plugins… Especially because I’m breaking some rules (mentioned that before). x_x

Meowww I’ll be writing legal documents xxxxx

P.S.: What I do makes that I am master of most disciplines enough, except mathematics, evident, right?
P.P.S.: Meow I didn’t mention that I haven’t had sex in sooooo long that I feel like I could throw myself at anyone, but simultaneously try to think like the way I would think if I were sexually satisfied instead of unsatisfied, though I don’t even know what that feels like (anymore), which is all making me way overthink the way I express affection and attraction, as well as the way I express myself in general. As in if I weren’t craving for physical intimacy, I’d still be touchy, but the touchiness would have a more neutral influence on me.
P.P.P.S.: Haha the last time I travelled overseas was when I was attempting to escape my life. Now I wonder what going through customs with my family will be like ahahahaha.

Featured image by Marko Blazevic on Pexels.com