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Sincerely I apologize for not publishing the post about brain-to-brain communication yesterday. I’m sorry meow I don’t like to spark your interest in new content and then don’t publish the content. ๐Ÿ™ I was feeling bad again this morning, then did some housekeeping and afterwards worked on my English project with my project partner, then spent time talking afterwards longer than I had calculated in. It was nice. I hope you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™

My post about my personal experience of brain-to-brain communication (basically an update that also dives into the past) will be online at 9 PM west-European winter time (GMT +1).

“I loved justice, I hated iniquity, therefore in banishment I die.”

I came across this beautiful phrase that reminds me, unfortunately, of bad things happening to good people, when I searched for the definition of “iniquity” (sinning, bad behavior) after reading it in this article (opens in new tab) which is a website the conversation I was having with my project partner had led us to. I spotted that article in the slider and read it because when I got my enzymes examined 2 years ago, the result included something they had never seen before. I thought maybe I then also have an extraterrestrial blood type. Then the final sentence got me to search my favorite dictionary and I allowed myself to read three example sentences (opens in new tab). (I’ve had an addiction to reading example sentences and have spent entire days reading example sentences exegesis. To improve my writing skills. This just now was like laying eyes on an old flame. A flame I’ve missed so much.)

Sorry again. Hopefully the short passage above gives you enough food for thought until tonight’s food for thought is served.

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Kisses โ™ฅ

The featured image is from (opens in new tab) I came across in a quick Google search for (romantic) “sorry” images.