09:48 (AM)

Good morning ♥

I just ate some yoghurt and a piece of salmon from my parents’ dinner of yesterday. But eating makes me die less fast, so I kind of regret it… I don’t want to perceive life anymore, on the one hand. But on the other hand, I want to rule this world and be kissing my Vicje… 🙁

Als je denkt dat ik nu “niet meer mezelf ben”, omdat ik die “Lekker mezelf zijn…” kut post niet meer update, dan zit je ernaast. Na vrijdag de 17de, zag ik mijn kans om mijn Cold Case nog te kunnen heropenen en winnen, verloren.

I’m going back to sleep xxx


11:50 (AM)

Sunday viewsss…

Need Cishes 🙁 .


12:39 (PM)

Good afternoon 🙂 .

“Oh wow, it finally seems as if people are starting to notice me 🙂 ”

Happy me…


13:20 (01:20 PM)

My patience is gone. Stop thinking that I can’t fucking handle reality. My reality is worse than yours. I will see more blood flow than anyone else ever has, and I will be the cause. Because I fucking want it. Please, make me happy.

And if you’re a female in an abusive relationship, and you love me and the says asshole does, too: I mean you, not him, sweetie ♥ .

I really need to speak to the world, to indexate, before we start killing…

But only when you allow me to heist all media myself… Then, I’ll be “The Fangs”


14:49 (02:49 PM)


16:56 (04:56 PM)

Bitte… 🙁 You have so many reasons to!


17:52 (05:52 PM)

Reasons like these ones:

“Of iets anders?” = the insecurity that comes from mental torture. Another reason…:

The empty nest syndrome of everyone except me is another reason why.


18:10 (06:10 PM)

Who just logged me out of my administrator panel? Fuck you 🙂 . Cyber bully 🙁 .

To other people: I can sense your attraction to me. Don’t hide it. Especially don’t be ashamed of it. Embrace it! Embrace me! 😀 The Fangs deserves some real love, too…

The Fangs heeft alleen tijd voor zaken… ♥

Ik stel een kolonne van auto’s voor. Allemaal met kogelwerend glas. We zijn waarschijnlijk pas veilig wanneer we de grens over zijn… Daar kunnen we veilig vergaderen 🙂 .

Maar eerst kanen? Alleen wanneer ik wat Cishes van jou krijg, wil ik eten 🙁 .


18:46 (06:46 PM)

The birds are telling me I’ll get Cishes soon, I hear. These powerful Dutch birds who sound louder than a zillion cars and children’s cheers, altogether…

Someone please tell me why I’m, from downstairs, hearing a knife being sharpened, for over 5 minutes? A fist fight would be more fair 🙁 .


19:29 (07:29 PM)

I’m writing history, and you have been written out of the story…


20:13 (08:13 PM) 

I’m a cyber fraud, sometimes 😂. But I really need this power…

I’ve expressed myself a few times in this way, asking myself a question with recognizable wording, because I didn’t have the inspiration to start about detailed sex on here. Some statements I make about sex, should be taken with a grain of salt. I find safe sex very important. Physically safe and no unwanted pregnancies…

But this is some serious advice: disregard all of your family’s sex tips. When they’re “modern tips”, speaking from my own perspective.

Other statements shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt… These ASKfm questions have increased my craving for Vicje even more… 😻

I already had A LOT of trouble playing it cool, the last time I saw him. The ocean he creates in my panties, when I see him, will most certainly be bigger next time. I’ve been fantasizing tooo much! 😻

Literally too much… I don’t even know him that well. I don’t even know if he’s an Angel or not 🙁 . (That takes more time, to recognize. Of some people I know for 22 years, I also still don’t know.)

I really hope he’s one of my Angels. He is the most attractive person on my mind. (With A LOT of competition, though…) I wish I could have more alone time with him. Really alone… Office parties, with people staring at us, are not the same. (Not saying that I never want to party with him and other people at the same time!)

Because I have these feelings for him, I am so afraid to get hurt, because of past experiences with other people 🙁 .

The Summer holiday season is approaching (?) and my ego has been too damaged because of his staff rejecting my job applications all the time. I’ll never apply again. And yes, staff, you got me: I just want to be there – at the ANWB – to steal your boss and make your job obsolete. I’ll succeed, somehow 🙂 . Because the insurance system in this country is unhealthy and really should be reformed. That he’s hot as well is just a blessing 😻

But stealing my Vicje and him then becoming my labor free sexy Graeyniss, has a lot of benefits. This is how I imagine picture day:

We’re in the office library of the office home of our mansion. The walls are twice his height. The right wall is a robust book case, in front of which there’s a large classical conference table.

We’re facing the camera man, who is taking pictures for our campaign.
Victor places his right hand on my right shoulder. With straightened chests, we look into the camera, looking very powerful. He’s wearing a grey suit with a black tie, I’m wearing a white blouse, a short grey skirt and high socks. A few pictures are snapped.
I place my left hand on top of his right hand and tilt my head towards it, closing my eyes. Again, a few pictures are snapped.

I don’t know if my fantasy will ever become reality, and I don’t know if this will get my heart broken, so I feel very hesitant with sharing this.

It’s embarrassing – especially because I don’t know his feelings and I don’t know who my father is – but to still complete the story, as I promised, I’ll fast-forward it: I grab his tie and pull him towards me, starting to kiss him. Push him on a brown leather couch, sitting on top of him, still kissing, going all wild. Camera man is still taking pictures. Sometimes we look into the camera.

I kiss his erection through his pants, et cetera. Later he lifts me up and lays me down on the conference table, et cetera…. 😻 😻 😻

He might now certainly know that I’ll be thinking of this, when I see him…? I hope he receives my brain-to-brain communication signal… 😻



22:29 (10:29 PM)

All I’ve eaten today is that yoghurt and that piece of salmon… I don’t want to have this room as my home anymore 🙁 . But it’s still better than subjecting myself to mental slavery…