22:08 (10:08 PM)
Good evening, my cuddle
How was your day?
I’m standing in the bathroom, because I have a better internet connection here. I’m downloading an voice changer app on my phone. The daily updates of Saturday and Friday are “still being uploaded”… It’s because of the bad wifi connection… There were a few foto’s in them. I think that’s the reason it’s taking so long. So my coming mobile updates will be solely textual. I do want to show you some pictures, though, so I’ll find a way to still get them online somehow.

Today, I’ve been busy working on Nosce t’ipsum’s first episode’s “audio layout”. I’ve finished the audio crib sheets of three out of seven tracks. Tomorrow I’ll finish the instrumental version of those three tracks. I really like them already, even though in the crib sheets the rhythms don’t match up yet. I thought of uploading them, too, but the internet connection here isn’t good enough.

I’m extremely tired, so I’m going to sleep now. I can barely keep my eyes open (but I had that at 5 o’clock already……).

Good night, my sweetheart