14:21 (02:21 PM) 

Hey Cuddle, 

How are youu? 

“Haha” yesterday I mentioned getting up early to work on my statistics assignment… I asked my Google Assistant to set an alarm for 9 in the morning. When it went off, I realized I was too tired to work on it still. I kept hitting snooze and, the first two hours, trying to take a little nap in between alarms, with the actual intention to get up after it went off, but I just couldn’t… Then I was trying to lake in between alarms (haha for the first time I decided to ride the passionate thought wave I can truly lake on… Why have I waited so long…). After I succeeded, I had gone from “very early and having enough time to get ready and make sure I have everything with me” to “boiii if I miss the next alarm I’m going to have to rush to not be late” around 11:40. My shift started at 13:30. It’s “a 30 minute drive” (if you follow the speed limit) and, after parking, it takes at least 5 mins to get to my desk. After showering etc – no “breakfast” – I still had to assemble my dinner and snacks to last this day without passing out. I have with me: a container filled with soy beans I ordered with the €50+ sushi my sister and I had last night (actually they wanted to order Indian food, but the place was closed… Earlier this week I had a €20 pizza + Ben and Jerry’s*), two multi grains + apple cookies two-packs, two bounties, an eat natural bar with yoghurt and apricot, an apple, a small container with tiramisu and a supermarket Caesar salad without meat. 

* I’m saying this to emphasize how much I’m financially (e.a…) being neglected by not being allowed to travel far away,  them obligating me to work, because they don’t want to have me inside the house too often, and them declining my investment proposal, while I proposed to pay fucking interest. I want you to understand my perspective when I say: “Fuck them. I need to get the fuck out of here and never come back.” They have been eating takeout at least three days a week since I was sixteen… I cook whenever I get the chance (and either there are groceries to cook with in the house (almost never (not what I like)) or I buy groceries, if I have money for that). But lately, school, work and blogging require too much time and energy to cook… 

21:30 (09:30 PM) 

30 minutes left… (And then tomorrow the same thing over again :'(. If I didn’t do this for investing in my business and getting a VAR declaration… I wanted to say “I would have quit”, but I can’t take that reputational risk…) I “look forward” to another university day on Wednesday, to make my statistics assignment. Hopefully then, I’ll also find a moment to make a financial overview, so that I have an easy reference I can use to descibe all of my plans (for us) with you :). 

I need plenty of Graeyniss insiders to distinguish myself the way I want to… You would distinguish yourself even more… Only if we work together, we could create new standards when it comes to communication and innovation. We communicate differently, in the sense that we treat each other with respect and our sense of humor requires intelligence instead of just being hurtful. When it comes to innovation, we’re the only ones putting our minds to it, so whe should do this togther (it’s efficient, it’s Cuddle…). If we don’t do it, no one else will… (Otherwise it would have already happend… I’m 21…) Also, if we would form a team (Council), which is a body that delivers consensuses (to overthrow the current public opinions on good and bad), we wouldn’t be alone anymore… Right now there are no such convivial groups of Graeynissis. 

We’re the only Graeynissis left anyway… (Graeynissimus… [Cuddle has capital superlatives]