02:25 (AM) 

I loved the birthday party! I hope the birthday girl had a great time, too πŸ™‚
Ahh meow why am I always a cooperative person when someone tries to get into my pants…. As if I’m the wingman at the same time :'( [??? FUCKIBG help me pls becayse this is goung to get me pregnant and I don’t want that yoooo. I want isolation from the opportunity of “being pulled in a plebian instead of gyptian way”. It should just be someone who loves me πŸ™ . I’m too much of a wild street cat who needs food and love. It’s like figuratuvely, I follow you, as you tingle your keys… I want to not be plebian πŸ™ . Don’t you see how plebian I speak semi-formal English that doesn’t fully suit “the class I’m from”. It’s semi-upper middle, though.]

I only want to be intimate with a Cuddle I want to spend the rest of my life with… The polyamorist way? You better want to rule over an independent state!!! 

On nights like this I want to cuddle my B to sleep 

I always want to cuddle my B to sleep 

I don’t think of him as much as I dream of him. I might be acting casual, but he’s my only connection, becayse I’m lonely… I dream of touching him every night… It’s because of his super irresistible intelligence…. Irresistible intelligence is so irresistible ah meoow 😻 😻. It would be so cool if it turns out that he’s my father… At least then, it’s certain that he’ll stay in my life, for the rest of my life, and that I have the right to have him in my life for the rest of my life πŸ˜€ 

Be my Graeyniss?

This one Graeyniss has the funniest video of me ever aahahahwhwhwhwhaahah 😂 😂.

Another irresistible Graeyniss I dream of cuddling to sleep

As long as many others 

I want to skip this eenpersoonsbed and go to my Cuddle brother’s bed

But I don’t want to be a freak πŸ˜€ 

Meoww Cuddle me

My international Cuddleβ™₯
It’s my intention to make you feel like my one and only…

I just keep on typing, hoping that you’ll realize you’re my one and only, hoping that you’ll be my one love

That’s all I do on this blog….

I just finished my 03:18 meal, in the mood for another one… Let’s make this just as lit at the White House? It must be tough being under media fire 24/7. Know that I won’t let them influence me and that I love you to death. My Cuddle… I’m going to stop typing after saying

I believe one day my B and his other behind the scenes Cuddles will pick me up in the most royal way, because I’m divine as fuck… [Wtf what other female does this… Please act as if I’m as demanding and dominant as she is… I am not at all the voice of “women”.] Because of The  Head Cuddle, he already knows my full strategy for changing the system. He has the real life experience and knowledge to complement it β™₯. Something that’s a secret from me – probably my mother – is keeping him from me, but I can’t live without him. I love him and you so much… My audience is 90% dudes… But I’m not doing this to get some dick… I want love, my meow… Please know this… Please be one of the few who actually gives me this. The rest is too dumb to understand…

But I love you β™₯. Until the end of time!

I’m going to eat some more and go to sleep

This one meow is here but I don’t dare to Cuddle?

Good night, my *insert word that goes beyond love and a two heart emojis β™₯β™₯

I love you so much!


12:52 (PM) 

Good afternoon πŸ™‚ 

How are you todaay?

*This question now makes me think that you’ll answer this question with your thoughts and feel more engaged in this online diary post*

I’m still in bed… But I’m going to get up, because my bladder really needs to be emptied… 


13:04 (01:04 PM) 

Daar ben ik weer πŸ˜€ 

As a clarification of some of my words from yesterday: I’m always cooperative when someone makes a move on me, because I always feel so hurt when I get rejected – which is one of the reasons why I don’t even make moves anymore… that and that I rarely see someone I could imagine myself with – and I don’t want to cause that same feeling of hurt for someone else. I actually followed him to that porch and allowed him to try to fuck me raw [what the fuck, why am I not confident enough to say nooooo fuck offf pleaseee what’s the point of doing this :'( ]. But I’m very tight [still, somehow πŸ™ ] and I wasn’t aroused, so it didn’t work out. Especially not when he said: “Zuig aan mijn pik dan,” and said that my Cuddle is dry πŸ™ . Don’t insult my Cuddle πŸ™ . I find it hard to say “no”, but because of that plebian choice of words that pissed me off and that insult, I was suddenly very able to say “noooooo”. 

Yesss sharing this here and thus forever speichern it on the servers of my German webhost is far from common. A lot of plebs will think I’m the worst kind of person for sharing this. And that while many of them have “shameful” shit like that to share, too, but they’re acting as if they’re saints. They’re not my target audience, so I don’t give a fuck πŸ˜€ . I’m just showing you me. I know non-proletarian people keep an eye on my blog. First of all from the fact that I mention brand names and names of governments and government institutions on here and every company has its social media patrol squad, and then the proleet didn’t get instructions on what to do if the mentioning is on an actual web page, and it includes a lot of text, written in a way that isn’t that easy to understand, so it might have been passed to “higher up”. And also because in my statistics I always see an outstanding number in my top five with only the country’s flag, but no defined location (city). That’s how I know my dear higher-up United States enjoys reading about my semi-plebian life :). And my dear higher up Netherlands [please put me on the list for the flooding escape plan, alstubliefttttt], too :).

In other news, as the end of the year is approaching and since I was a baby, I’ve been so scared of fireworks, and I now have this controversial blog on which many non-conservative statements are made, I don’t want to be in a densely populated area, when people run around, throwing fireworks. I want to stay pretty πŸ™ . I know some people can handle fireworks responsibly, like my unofficial brother who lives here and enjoys fireworks, but there are also these idots who use that shit to blow up trash cans and do other dumb things with it. Plus, it’s “often bought illegally, in Belgium”, they say on the news, and that it then “can have errors in the way it’s manufactured” and just blow up in your face and shit. That should stay out of the hands of ontspoorde people. Those type of people who fight over soccer games and yell shit like “Boeren! Boeren! Joden! Joden!” during the game. I’m afraid they don’t like me πŸ™ . Fireworks are basically weapons, and I only know how to fight with my body and/or knives and swords and ninja stars and shit, so I always feel so unsafe around New Year’s πŸ™ .

I’m going to make it worse, because I want to show myself on here. I’m a republican. I’m not a democrat. I believe that those who are easy to influence – often proletarians – shouldn’t have a say in how an entire society is ruled over. Only the idea that they have something to say, because they can color in a fucking dot on a piece of paper – I don’t vote – keeps them quiet? Man, that’s dumb…. 


16:04 (04:04 PM) 

Haha I finally have some imagery of myself which is not made by myself! It’s too controversial for a separate post. So I’m showing it here. Only those who keep up with my writing will be able to see it, then. I think the video is hilarious XD.  

Some contextual info: this was after the party from Thursday last week, since my week starts on Sunday. I’ll first write out what I say in Dutch, before I translate it. I don’t know why I’m saying it, because I don’t remember that much of how that night ended. I also don’t remember that the video was made. My friend, who was the DJ that night, said: “Okey, doe je best.” Then I say: “Jamiro, ik ben fucking stabiel, kom chillen? Aah…” Then his girlfriend says: “Ooh nee, je labello.” Then I say: “(Oh) neeee…. Ik ben niet dronken….” Then she says: “Nee, je bent niet dronken, je bent gewoon super gezellig.” And I burst out into laughter from the way I flipped my scarf. 

So in English [By translating it like this, I try to encourage you to read back to the previous paragraph and teach you some Dutch]: “Okay, do your best.” “Jamiro, I’m fucking stable [it’s Dutch slang for saying that I still function even though I’m intoxicated as fuck haha], come and chill (with us). Aah…” “Oh no, your Labello.” “(Oh) noo… I’m not drunk…” “No, you’re not drunk, you’re just super gezellig [I find “cosy” not the right translation for “gezellig”, even though that’s what dictionaries say. I think “fun” applies better, but it still doesn’t really apply to this context, so I just leave it untranslated.]”

I’m a rebel for always posting things without asking or mentioning it to anyone. I assume it’s cool, because I’m the only one looking stupid in this video. But I know the risk I’m taking, so feel free to attack me for it.

18:10 (06:10 PM) 

In the meantime, I’ve made some griesmeelpap as my first food of the day and I made some soup for dinner. 

18:32 (06:32 PM) 

In the meantime I’ve arrived at the house of the daughter of the family I’m staying at. It’s my first time here. I hadn’t visited yet ever since she moved out. 

Shout out to my unofficial uncle for being my cutting assistant. It has been very long since I’ve had someone helping me with cooking. 

My phone is not very cooperative with uploading pictures right now, so I’ll show them to you later.

19:21 (07:21 PM) 

Something pressing on my mind is my dependency on the people I’m staying with. I love them, but I really need to hurry the fuck up with getting independent, because I can’t stand nog being independent. And by independent I don’t mean earning enough to get by. 

Especially with the “Pay up, pay up,” messages I’m getting from the Dutch government, I need to hurry up with finding a way to generate an income for myself. I hope that at the event I’m going to on Wednesday, this Graeyniss will be there and that I could maybe get another function, instead of being a Summer employee. I have no idea how to bring this, though… I want to do something I’ll earn enough with to emigrate to The States… “Royally”… And to pay back my study loan. All in the shortest time interval possible. At the same time, I need to still have some time free, so that I can develop my concept of a parallel system and find participants for it. So I’d prefer working slightly less than 40 hours a week. I hope I could do something that includes a lot of reading, writing and working with numbers… But not the type of numbers related to prediction. Rather for reflection and ideas for 


20:31 (08:31 PM)

My cousin invited me to visit him at his school’s studio this week. I hope we can record something! 😻 I would so loveeee to have him as my producer and make music professionally. I have so many music ideas! I hope I could perform it, one day… I think I then also have a DJ, since my Graeyniss killed it last week πŸ˜€ . We could throw a Fangs partyy. My unofficial Cuddle Graeyniss brother has experience in organizing events… Ayyy πŸ˜€ 

Planet Fang needs entertainment, right… I want to be your entertainment πŸ˜€ . I also want to shelter other entertainers there ehehe. Recruitment included, just like for all other categories of people. The recruitment is because the space is limited. It’s, to me, more important to keep nature in balance, than to become super huge. Having becoming super huge, as a goal, as a business, is not the most beneficial for the balance of nature, in my eyes… Because it’s not taken into consideration, when you only think of getting more clients and more profit and shit. That’s why I’ve been saying that I’m not going to dumb down my content, for more proletarians can understand it. The final size depends on how many countries and people want to participate, the budget that comes with that and the ecological analysis that follows. 

Some pictures: 

At first, I made two pans, but one was hot asf and the other one a lot less flavorous

We ate the soup at the house of the daughter of my unofficial aunt and uncle [or should I say “unofficial foster parents” nowΒΏ]. I made this little ducky when we were playing with play dough with the daughter of the daughter

I’m a little bit awkward with babies and children, because I tend to treat them like adults, in my ways of interaction. Especially when I say something to a child. I’m not the type of person who would change the pitch of my voice and say things in the category of “goo goo gaga” and…. Yeah I don’t even know how to describe it, because it’s just not something I’m able to do. I would be a lot less awkward if I knew how to practice that popular form of interaction with a child. But you know what I mean? 


21:39 (09:39 PM)

I think I’m going to work a bit on 180 Days of Fangs… And then finish my proposal tomorrow… Hopefully also make a concept for my studio visit πŸ˜€

Oh something else you should know about me is that I’m deeply in love with SZA 😻. In my head, I call her my cuddle cat. She’s such a Goddess 😻 and I love how she’s not like “Ooh eww I can’t do anything and everything is difficult” like regular women – I can’t stand the way regular men adapt to it and how they think that every woman is like that ughhh*** – I know from the way she presents herself in the peaks of her life I sometimes check out on Instagram. I’m not like that either. That’s why I usually don’t really have a connection with women, even though I’m female.

I also love the lovingness in her choice of words. Both in song and in writing πŸ˜€ 


*** “The good ones” go into slave mode, saying “Okay, you do nothing. I’ll do it.” I know it’s because he loves her, but she’s going to take his effort for granted. When men see me struggle a little and they want to take over, I often want to say: “I CAN DO IT MYSELF. I’M NOT THAT INCAPABLE TYPE OF FEMALE. I’M ALSO NOT A SCHIZOPHRENIC.” But I always just cooperate with whatever they want to do, because it’s too much to explain in that short split second they suddenly step in. “The bad ones” always start to complain and generalize the concept of women. Saying shit like: “Boohoo you always fuck up things blah blah. Women always blah blah.” It’s better to just walk the fuck away if you’re just going to zeiken like a bitch.

We’re all just physical entities, man, fuck the concept of gender. It’s not important. And that’s why we all, for sure, should be equal. Hierarchy should be based on intelligence, I think πŸ™‚ . I believe we do need some form of hierarchy, because of the relationship between someone’s capabilities and the function he or she has in the global society.