13:21 (01:21 PM) 

My Cuddle ♥

I hope you’re having a nice weekend. I also hope we’ll have a nice weekend together, somewhere in the near future. Hopefully, my hopes will become reality. 

Haha I also hope that I’ll stop drinking too much, every time I go out dancing x_x. I don’t remember how the night ended x_x. I really hope I didn’t do anything crazy 🙁 . 

When I woke up yesterday, for the spa, I was still drunk x_x. The spa was very nice, though. Aside from that I collapsed at some point, and that I wasn’t able to eat dinner, because I felt so sick. A very sweet man and woman noticed and helped me. The woman got me some water and a sugary drink – I was on my way to the bar, for some water, when I felt everything started to spin, but at some point, I couldn’t walk anymore – and the man held my hand, as I laid there on the ground. (He asked first. And I love holding hands :D.) The girl who works there, kept an eye on me, took me outside and brought me slippers. 

In the evening, there was an all you can eat buffet, but I wasn’t strong enough to walk around yet. What have I done to my heart x_x. 

Meoww today, I would like to finish up this website. The text on the home page should be updated, I want to add two slides to the slider (one for the forum and one for my writing services), I want to give (new) visitors a tour, I should change my logo… Okayy this might take me two days… 

I’m also very much in the mood for self-made bread pizza, with suçuk and Turkish cheese. 

I hope you love me, as much as I love you. I hope you still love me :D♥. My heart feels as if I’ve done something very wrong, but I don’t know what it is… I hope it’s misleading me and that I haven’t done anything bad… I hope I won’t randomly get hurt x_x.