13:58 (01:58 PM)

Good afternoon ♥

I couldn’t sleep last night, from the excitement (and light stress about the possibility of being rejected) for studying to obtain a bachelor (and hopefully being able to do this “the apprentice way”, receiving guidance for the research projects I’ve already broken down, instead of doing it via the regular homework -> test, homework -> test, homework-> test -> thesis, way).

I’ve already written down what I’ll include in my motivation letter. At first I wanted to settle for only econometrics, or maybe philosophy on top of that as well, but if I’d listen to my heart, and study what I truly desire to study – this is what I was contemplating about, back in 2016, too – I should apply for the double bachelor in both economics and econometrics. I know I can pass anything, when I choose to truly study for it. 

It’s also the perfect balance for my interests in mathematical modelling and behavioral economics, as well as a better stepping stone to knowledge on (the economical side of) international politics. Still no lectures from my B, though 🙁 . 

What makes writing the motivation letter a challenge, is that it has a maximum of 400 words and there are quite some things that have to be included, which leave less room for me to talk about my research proposal and my business, since what I strive towards is not a regular application. 

What I strive towards is being assigned a few (the more, the better 😻) Graeynissis, who could recommend theories I should master, about which I then write proof [instead of making tests ewww… Unless my proposal will be declined. Then, for the sake of still being allowed in: “Yay, I love making tests!”], and they could guide me in my Nosce Te Ipsum Thesis, to make sure that I deliver an end result that looks perfectly Graey 🙊. It would be so much fun 😻.

Haha I’m assembling documents… I had to ask my mother to send me my high school diploma. Check it out, haha…:

But for the admission, I actually need a stamp from the school on it… I really don’t want to go all the way to Rotterdam, with my no money, just to ask for a stamp and say that I’m a uni drop-out who wants to succeed this time x_x

I rarely studied, so the list really isn’t that bad 🙂 . I can do muuuuuuuch better, though! You’ll see 😀 

Aaaand palpitations ft. tachycardia strike again:

They’re simply just not getting this? What the fuck? De openstaande kosten zouden verlaagd moeten worden met €5230, omdat ik wegens persoonlijke omstandigheden, mijn aangifte niet op tijd kon doen. 

Willie maaahnn waarom doe je dit 🙁 . I can’t say no to him x_x. There go my last pennies x_x.

Meowss I’m going to get out of bed, brush my teeth and work on my websites and motivation letter. xxxxxx