02:33 (AM) 

Meoww I haven’t had much time to write yesterday. But I surely have thought of you! I took a some pictures I wanted to share with you. And I have an update on Volta 😀 . 

This yesterday’s my lunch at Bridges:

L-t-r: herring and its eggs; a carrot with wasabi, sesame and seaweed [fave out of three]; and a madeleine (maybe¿ I’m writing it incorrectly) which had a lot of subtle sweet, salty and sour flavours

Mussels topped with cream, pistachio and a lottt of ingredients that were new to me and rapidly listed. I would love to use it in my own dishes, though. (That’s always, when I eat at this type of restaurant.)

Mackerel, black garlic mousse, kroepoek made of seaweed, dashi(?) and more foreign tastes. The quality of the fish itself was very nice.

I got the un-cuddle plate every time 🙁 . This is cod with obvious other ingredients. I think this was my favorite course, next to that carrot. Not because it’s obvious! Because I love the subtle taste of roomboter, combined with soft fish and potatoes. 

The finanché (might be writing it wrong again) on the left in the back was my favorite. Very crispy! Then it’s the chocolate with five spices, in the middle in the front. Then the crisp nougat. Then the passion fruit macaroon. Then the coconut covered marshmallow. And then the white chocolate, filled with ¿. I drank jasmine tea with this 🙂 .

Meoww, because we were in the city center, I thought of buying a dress for you, in case I’m lucky enough to become a Graeyniss.

This was option A, but I need to lose a few pounds for this

So I chose this one. I hope the cleavage isn’t too much…

I’m very thankful that my mother payed all of this for me. I, myself, still only have accounts that are almost maxed out. I hope that one day, I can pay her back, and give her even more than that. 

I hope that that day will come soon. I hope Volta will sell. 

I’ve just finished the reference summary for later today, for when I [attempt to…] finish the book. It’s going to be legendary! For the reader and for me… We answer questions throughout the chapter, and all of those separate answers, form the perfect life’s path, when you put them in the right order!! I expected it to work, because I know it does, but I didn’t expect it to fit so perfectly. Our paths intertwining might be inevitable after this! Please read it!!! 😻

I’m happy :D. I hope I make it in time, though. Meoww I write for Graeynissis… Not at all for (familiar……) plebians. I don’t recommend it for familiar faces, whose relationship with me has changed negatively, because my Volta includes me airing out my heart and being very honest about how I truly feel underneath my facade. Some people really don’t want to know how I feel underneath all of this… Underneath this:

Many thanks to my mom for taking this picture part 1

Thanks part 2 meoww 🙂

I’m going to eat something, because my stomach sounds like a heavy metal band, and then I’ll be going to sleep 

Sweet Dreams 

I Love You ♥