Meow 😻😻 

How’s your day?

I hope it’s littttt

I just came back from my Cuddle and before that the spa and fitness center of the hotel I’ve stayed in before. It was awesome :D.

Boxing etc after this

Swimming & trippy sauna infusions + Cuddle food after this

Can I share this image with you like this¿

Meoww I feel bad for saying un-cuddle things about Cuddles 😿😿. It has to be Cuddle instead of un-cuddle.  

I’m now going to search for a place where I can get food on a Sunday afternoon and then work on my CV in the hour my laptop battery isn’t dead yet. My Cuddle knows a place where I might be able to get a charger¿ Otherwise I could maybe ship one to his place, and/or buy a new one one day. I left some of my things [my swimmingwear, “swimming cloth I use as a sauna dress”, work out clothes, bra and slippers] there already. I need to work somewhere anyway. Why not here…?

Yesterday, I forgot to take my charger with me, to the spa and fitness center. I stayed with my Cuddle until his shift ended and afterwards. Today, when my Cuddle had to work at three and I wanted to extend my room key, I travelled back here [it’s about 40 minutes from door to door, but I walk the parts I should travel by bus] without using Google Maps. That moment when he showed me the water close by where he lives, and I thought: “I could get used to this…?”, I thought of what type of build-up to an independent life I prefer. What I would like to do is to stay here instead of at my parents’ house. Both there and here, I’ll have to work to pay for things in the mean time [food, fines [Deutsche Bahn, Belastingdienst], monthly subscriptions [Tele2, FBTO, Spotify], etc.]. Why not do that here? My Cuddle knows some places where I could apply for a job. I hope I’ll be able to find something soon. In the meantime, I need that charger, so that I can work on my business with my laptop. That’s a lot more comfortable, compared to with my phone.

I’ll be playing some Nintendo Switch, while I wait until my food is delivered. This will be my first time eating Israeli food¿


Earlier today

Best. Takeout. Eveeeeeer 😻

The purity of the taste is something I’ve been seeking in takeout food, since the moment at home, there came the days on which the responsibility for dinner was assigned by days to a person. On Monday and Saturday, I’m responsible. The first time we did this, I was 16. My father has cooked about 10 times in total since then. He “always” buys takeout. There are these sauces and spice mixes with a lot of additives in them (E-nummers), I prefer to avoid. I’ve now found takeout(-ish food) where I don’t notice the taste of additives :D. 

I feel so at home here. And that while I’m not even fluent in the native language. 

Aber vielleicht kann ich meine deutsche Flüssigkeit besser machen, wenn ich “every now and then” ein bisschen auf Deutsch meine Gefühle und Gedanken aufschreibe.