I’m not tired at all 😀

If there’s one thing I enjoy… 

It is watching a live basketball game 😀

Are you watching, too??? 

It would be nicer without a commentator? The Dutch commentator is such a hater towards the players. 

I like to focus on gameplay and non-verbal communication during the game itself. What I prefer even more is playing the game myself :D. 

D.O.C.I.S. International has basketball teams as well. I’ve mostly played as a forward, after that mostly as center and after that mostly as point guard, in middle school :D. I would love to frequently play again. 

Would you like to play for Planet Fang…? I’m mentally trying to get the players to join D.O.C.I.S. International hehehehe. 

Haha, “Planet Fang!” I heard youuu!♥

May I be an NBA dancer as temp side job? I need some form of income while I finish this renewed business plan… 

The game was nice 😀

The couch sleeps better than my bed, so guess where I’ll be sleeping tonight 😀

Time for another one. (I don’t mention how often I really smoke weed…)

Meoww my grandfather would have turned 80 today…