Good morning, my Cuddle ♥ 

I just had breakfast. Unfortunately, my body isn’t the way it was a few years ago. I’m still so tired – just like after dinner yesterday – that I’ll be napping. Hopefully afterwards, I’ll have enough energy to work some. Meow, I still need a medic… 

Something I can already feel is the heartache from celebrating my birthday all by myself, here. It’s still better than celebrating it with people who think that I’m crazy and treat me like I’m unconscious. 

I’ll be back after my nap. 



On “How do I file my taxes when I, as a registered sole proprietor, earn abroad?”: By this, I meant that if I earn on German soil, I prefer to pay taxes to Germany. 

Even though I’m still tired [???? How :(], I will now start writing the official version of D.O.C.I.S. [the free ebook] and making the official new layout of the D.O.C.I.S. International website. Whatever it ends up as: it will be released before my birthday. I don’t think I’ll be leaving my room today – besides for a walk in the evening, maybe. For dinner, I’m thinking of getting a pizza delivered. 


Bad luck part three… I was already quite hungry, but I didn’t want to order dinner already – because that would mean that if I would get hungry again, later, I won’t have anything to eat. So I decided to walk to the supermarket. I also wanted other loungewear, because the only set I have with me, smells like sweat haha…… 

Right before I headed out, I checked what bills are scheduled to be deducted from my account. I will not be going to the US… Tomorrow there are two payments scheduled, with a total of €407.40 [I’ve been taught to use commas for decimals, but I’m writing it “the English way”]. On my birthday, my health insurance of €109.95 will be deducted, then later Spotify, and at the end of November, my phone bill. I also still need to pay for breakfast when I check out, so it’s better for me to not “spend a fortune” on a one-way plane ticket and this sexy hill view apartment. 

The clothing store was closed. “Oh, then it must be Sunday.” I hoped that the supermarket would be open, but it wasn’t open either. I took a small detour to still move some. 

Back in my hotel room, I wanted to start working, but then I saw that I don’t have my laptop charger with me… My laptop is so old that it’s hard to find a place where I can buy the charger for it… It will be an enormous headache to reconstruct the D.O.C.I.S. International website from my phone. It might still be possible for me to upload the free ebook [that means that I will have to write it on my phone, though…] from my phone, but what’s the point of doing that, if I can’t conform it and its marketing to the layout standards, because it’s written on my phone… 

I’m so dead inside that I can’t even cry about any of this shit. But I feel like it… I miss my B :[.


I just checked how much laptop battery I have left, “for the random”: one hour and six minutes. I switched it off right after checking it. I might need it one day. 

I guess I [“a lot of I’s in this passage”] could make it an article that is featured, for now… It includes ways to invest and claim your position within the organization. 

Had I mentioned that I also brought my midi keyboard and microphone¿

Time to order dinner… 


Best… Pizza… Ever… 

The original had sucuk, mushrooms, cheese, jalapenos and peppers. I added olives and paprika to it.

I’m used to Dutch portions… This is waay more than I expected. The salad and tiramisu are way more, too… I’m going to ask if they can keep it in the fridge for me. 

I’ve never had an “Italian style” pizza with sucuk before :D. 


I just created the “book article”. Tomorrow, I’ll start with typing it out. I also decided on doing a road trip and some massages/spa/wellness/fitness things for my “birthday week”.

I guess I’ll be using my last bit of laptop battery life to file my taxes, tomorrow. 

Time to read some Seneca and head to bed. 

Good night, my love ♥