14:30 (02:30 PM) 

Hey Sexy, 

Happy Sexy Sunday *smooth facial expression*. 

Ahahaha I’m acting random. But you’re so Cuddle :D. This makes me make random statements I think I should have kept to myself afterwards. Haha I always get the feeling that I’m not in control of my own body anymore and feel quite high when I’m around someone I find attractive. This person can be talking to me, and I might just be thinking “You look so Cuddle”, while it feels like everything (around me) is going in slow motion, while I’m not responding like I normally would, because I’m thinking too much about the impression I want to make on you, and then tell myself “act cool” too much. 

I don’t want to mention personal situations of Cuddle Graeynissis, but if you’d suddenly tell me you (recently?) became single, and I think you’re Cuddle, I’ll initially feel some sadness because the feeling of being so used to being close with someone in your daily routine and that person abruptly not doing that anymore, can cause an intense feeling of loneliness. That feeling will vanish, though, and that person not being in your life anymore is a good thing, even though it might not always feel like that. Life is too short and you’re far too intelligent to argue over nonsense. That is not love. I believe some creatures do not know love the way my Cuddles do. Some people can hurt you like crazy for no reason and then still say they love you. And then you believe it, because you have been indirectly tought to obey the sentiment of love that is portrayed as “the greatest good in human existence”. Don’t be fooled by un-cuddles. 

Also, I want a monopoly on your sweetness, because I’d love to spend all of my time with you. The moment I truly come loose is when I know for sure that you won’t hurt me and you can express love feelings the way you truly experience them. I want you all to myself, my Cuddle……. I feel quite un-cuddle when I know I’m somewhere down the list of “most fun person to hang out with”. I want to be number one!!! 

17:01 (05:01 PM) 

I just handed in my badge and my headaet. I ended up staying 30 mins longer, but I’ll get paid for three hours less. Because ahahahahahaha. The light of the  sun woke me up at like 09:18 am. Every night I’m kind of anxious of my alarm not going off or in any other way not waking up. But it hadn’t happend in such a long time, so I started to build some confidence on this. 

Ay ok I’m going to start driving to my grandmother’s house to fix her phone/tv.

*intermezzo of random images*

Haha always on the weekend (almost no cars). (That’s my mother’s car I have used to get to work this season.)

Haha the legendddddd #lilfangs *laughing emoji*

23:23 (11:23 PM)