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North Sea Festiyays

I went to the festival as CamFangs yesterday

In Rotterdam they let me in with my camera, so I gave it a shot here as well.

But I had to walk back to the apartment to drop it off because even though I mentioned that there is almost no difference between that camera and a phone camera, it was protocol and some artists don’t like being photographed like that, but if I would have had a fat sports lens on it, they would have allowed it in… x_x

So I saw the last few songs of Pitbull’s

It was fun. I knew quite a lot of songs because I used to listen to his music a lot when I was younger (plus he has many hits).

Then I went to see Kenny G

(This is funny if you’ve read two posts ago:) Het was zo ontzettend mooi! Ik kreeg er kippenvel van.

Kenny G’s music used to make me very emotional as a kid. (That means that it touches my soul.) My mother and grandfather listened to it sometimes.

A lot of songs played made me feel like slow dancing in dim lights. It was also cool that they were playing jazz classics from old to new. I feel like diving into jazz chords now. 🙂


I’ve been dancing my buns off at Earth, Wind & Fire. And singing really loud.

The loss of Maurice White still hurts. The new generation of artists performing in his place do very well. That warms my heart.

Michael McDonald was yays!

He has such good songs. 🙂 And played nice classics.

Haha I imagined myself entering creep mode on Victishe. Singing songs like Ain’t no Mountain High Enough and Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, as I run after him and he is trying to escape ahahaha it would be a funny sketch. (Though also a lil painful.)

I arrived at Maxwell during Stop the World hehe

I was in time to hear him play my favorite classics of his: Sumthin’ Sumthin’ and Ascension

The Black Eyed Peas were also very enjoyable. Their new member is very good. 🙂

It was a party from start to end.

I used to listen to their music a lot when I was in primary school. And they have plenty of hits. I knew many songs (except “Where is the Love” except where that line is sung).

Maroon 5 is rehearsing, I hear (12:07). It’s too bad I can’t see them.

Sunnyays and Sunnyhoes

If I ever want ro read back my holiday in Curacao 2019, I can simply search “Sunnyays” or “Sunnyhoes”. It is also an interesting display of social isolation.

My flight has been delayed with an hour. I’m going to pack my last things and soak in the bath tub.

I hope to finish my essay on the plane. And by the time I land (September 1st), the D.O.C.I.S. Store will be fully online, and at 8 PM (GMT +2) the Book Club assignment will be online.

I’m going to get to it. xxx


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On the featured image is Jhene Aiko, one of the prettiest artists I listen to. 🙂 The image is downloaded from Google Images, but was originally posted on HipHopDX (opens in new tab).