Heyyy Fangs here with the Sunnyays 😸

We’re on sunny Curacaooooo 🌞

Just arrived at my aunt’s holiday apartment. It’s my second time on Curacao. 🙂

Random road picture. I can’t wait to be taking pictures with my Olympus camera here. 😀

Meooow look at my bathrooom 😻

Here is the sea 😀

And here I’ll be lounging (when I’m not swimming) 😀 😀

Meowsss I’ll be socializing and chat you up when I’m alone. 🙂


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My lil throneee

Currently, I’m laying on this like cat royalty. After eating the tasting like home dinner my aunt’s housekeeper who is one of the 11 people holidaying(-ish for she cooks, cleans and does our laundry and such) here, I got ready for going out later:

I want to get kissy, my meow…

As I was reading De Buitenvrouw (which has waaaaay more sex in it than I expected… My fantasy was so triggered ahahaha I just stopped reading at some point. We were flying in sardine class because there were no comfort class seats left)…

Ah meow we’re leaving so I’ll be back in a few hours, to continue the story that is yays xxx


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The conclusion of the story the previous text was that I need new hoes… But I’ll explain that further in a few. 🙂

Currently I’m chilling at Bij Blauw. 🙂


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As I was reading De Buitenvrouw, and while I recognized the perception many Dutch people have described to me (often men) in respect to how they respond to Creole people (women) in the story – and (a thought I don’t really share) how, as a Creole mix born in the Netherlands both Dutch and Surinsmese culture still feel a bit foreign to me, I realized that only the ensurance that I’ll have good sex on a daily basis can make me decompress.

I love Zwagerman’s recognizable style of writing! It’s funny, sexy and detailed the way most modern Dutch literature is. At some point I had to stop reading because I was getting turned on haha. (I love the feeling, but not when I can’t vent it meow I need new hoes…)

In between all the (more and more mission impossible I’ll become a high school maths teacher 🙁 ) things I’m trying to accomplish, and the way I over-value performance like I’ll get a grade for everything I do (it’s never really just for fun), I crave someone to grab.

Last Thursday (it is Saturday today), I was in Amsterdam, for a psychotherapy session. We are discussing my past to present lifeline and were at the chapter of my ex. The reason why I found it so hard to break up with him is because I had no better sex alternatives. We had sex at least once a day when we were spending time together, I always subtly demanded. It was the way I could forget everything that was on my mind. We were always quite rough, which made those moments true highlights in my life (I still think about it a lot).

I went cold turkey on my sex addiction. (Well cold turkey in the sense of not having a partner.) Ever since that, I feel like such an insecure plain jane, while that is not even me. I genuinely think that if I’d have a few people I could have good sex with, I’d enjoy life so much more.

So I need new hoes… When I was younger, I always had quite some people I always had slightly naughty conversations with, but then I was still a virgin (because I was waiting for that special someone 🙁 ), so they never became my hoes…

I need new hoes… You’re not going to do anything with The D.O.C.I.S. Store, are you? You could also become my hoe, which has similar corporate influence benefits. It might even be better than being a Book Club member.

Please be my hoe. 🙁 ♥ I’ll treat you very good. Though we might be more physical than talkative, I’ll brighten up your life for sure.

Ah a problem with hoeing is that I made this promise to myself that I won’t take any sex preys of mine to my parents’ house anymore. The walls are too thin and the idea is making me feel sick. Need my own house. 🙂

Another problem is that I suck at sensing whether someone is into me or not. Especially with women I suck at sensing that. (I think? I don’t like asking because I don’t like hearing that I’m wrong?) I often feel the need to just kiss someone, but what if they’re like “Eww get off of me.” Then I’d be like a rapist.

By the way – I heard of this term a few days ago – I think I’m “sapiosexual” (sexually attracted based on someone’s intelligence). (I think everyone is sapiosexual…) No further explanation needed (but you can ask me if you want meow I’m just tired now).

I’m starting my hoe recruitment tomorrow. Requirements:
> Being able to have passionate sex with someone who you are not dating.
> Enjoys kissing (including hickeys).
> Has a goal in life.
> We do not insult each other. We explain our underlying emotions if something is up.
> For men: size does matter…
> For women: basically don’t make a big deal out of nothing (including yelling over nothing)…

Let’s make each other happy. 😻
You won’t be my secret hoe. I will show you to the world. ♥

My recruitment goes by both me randomly picking people on sight and being sent a personal message by anyone who would like to be my lifetime hoe. I will love you so you will be with me if you don’t leave me.

Looking forward to North Sea Jazz festival even more now. 🙂

Furthermore, I’m having a great time here. 🙂 It would be even better with some hoes. No relationships and meet-the-parents and marriage and babies and stuff blegh.

Good night ♥


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