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Officiële Yays

Mijn lief ♥ Het is nu super officieel: ik heb een eigen huis. Mijn eigen plek. Heb hier gisternacht voor het eerst geslapen. 🙂 Sinds mijn vorige post is het ontzettend snel gegaan. Donderdag heb ik mijn huurcontract getekend, samen met mijn moeder als borgsteller. En vrijdag kreeg ik mijn sleutels! Daarna moest ik snel richting Rotterdam om mijn oma op te halen en naar huis te gaan, want mijn oom uit de Bahama’s, samen met zijn vrienden/zakenpartners kwamen langs op de avond voordat ze terug naar huis gingen, voor de barbecue die mijn vader had georganiseerd. Het was mooi…

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Boxes [Wednesday, September 18, 2019]

Heyy ♥ Boxes My love, I still can’t believe that I got this good news yesterday. As expected, I was too late sending my files for the apartment I showed you in my previous post. It was already rented to someone else. But yesterday I got a call with the news that I got a similar apartment a few storeys higher. 😀 A higher home means a better view. 🙂 I’m sooo happyyy I still can’t believe that this is real! ♥ Like before that call I spent my hours in stressed couch cuddle mode (watching the Belgian series “De…

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Feedback 1

My precious blog visitor ♥ Sorry for the delay, my dear. During the day I realized that I really had to test my presentation on that same day, because tonight I will be in Antwerp and having to make big changes on Thursday would be too late to implement new feedback comfortably. “Test driveee” So I spent my entire Monday (plus Sunday partly) crafting 58 PowerPoint slides, cooking, (partially) listing what points to make per slide and writing several different types of hand-outs (for both individual and group assignments). At some point I decided that I should better wing it…

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Openness & Capacity

Heyyy ♥ The completion of the online D.O.C.I.S. International empire is getting closer and closer. 🙂 And so are my trip to Curaçao, the start of university in Antwerp and finding an apartment. It’s all yays. 🙂 Earlier today, I visited the south of the center of Antwerp to see another potential apartment. It is located in such a nice neighborhood! I snapped some quick pictures… But still they don’t display how pretty it was. 🙂 Usually, when I think of a city center, I think of an overdose of car traffic and cramped streets. This was meowww. 😻 I…

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Getting at it [Friday, August 2, 2019]

Good morning 🙂 ♥ How was your night? & What will you be doing today? I wonder if you also have some layers of honesty you were keeping to yourself (which is not lying but simply avoiding unnecessary crises). Because I’d love to learn from your experience. Meow I’ve completely lost my straightforwardness. Every time I want to speak my mind, the idea of what type of responses I’ll get makes me stay silent. Maybe I should just keep the peace until I’m in Antwerp (not the US because that is currently too expensive for me, plus I have D.O.C.I.S….

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Online Diary

77 Days Left [Monday, July 8, 2019]

00:40 (12:40 AM)  My Catje ♥ I hope you had a nice weekend. 🙂 I wonder if you have plans for the Summer holidays. For me it will be living through the planning I’ve said “Yes,” to, for good reasons. But still I hope that there are a lot of people accross the globe who like to read my blog and who would like to get practical about it. It seems like this is something too controversial to openly express your appreciation for or something. While I’m not doing anything illegal. I hope someone will break the barriers between me…

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