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A Hypothetical Organizational D.O.C.I.S. Draft

This is my lengthiest post ever. I share with you my drafted Council members and ideas for my business. In the personal aspect of the post, you see me starving on a budget, celebrating Christmas and New Year’s by myself and presently initiating a legal process, during my little holiday, and plenty more. 🙂 The post is updated at least once a day. With over 94000 words, it’s longer than my longest book. You will not regret reading this. 😏

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Cold Case 7 [Monday, April 8, 2019]

01:27 (AM) I love Mondays, because it’s a lot more quiet around, when people are at work 🙂 . I hope I’ll be able to hand dr. Crutzen his contract today 🙂 . I’m working on the renewed contract, in my bed. Here is a sneak preview of the contract I wanted to offer him in 2017: This was a previous attempt of me to free myself from psychiatric surveillance and intertwine our lives. (With no success…) The D.O.C.I.S. International contract is built up very differently and is written in English. The personal side of my case is not part…

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Cold Case 2 & Bookkeeping [Wednesday, April 3, 2019]

02:05 (AM) [(As usual) I’m elaborating on what I said yesterday.] To prevent more distortion in the story about me, I think a “public debate” (though I wanted to keep things simple and private, but that is not an option) would be good. To let both sides of the story about me be heard at one occasion, and let people then form their own opinions. Instead of just following those lies that were spread about me, when I was “missing”. I would appreciate it a lot, if we could stir in my debate about Keynes and the practices of the…

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Nerve Wracking Niss [Wednesday, March 27, 2019]

21:24 (09:24 PM) I hadn’t shared this in my diary yet, but the decisive moment that will either confirm my supernatural hearing, or confirm my schizophrenia, will take place tomorrow morning. Schizophrenia had been confirmed starting two years ago, but my side of the story and the story of my only witness, have not been included in that case. I might finally have a shot at clearing my name and be reunited with someone I love so dearly. Actually, that moment would take place today, but my B his trains were delayed, so it has been postponed to tomorrow morning….

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

11:18 (AM)  My Cuddleeeee <3 Goede bijna middag 😀 How’s your weekend?  If you’re new to LilFangs.com: Welcome, new Cuddle! <3 Thank you for your engagement <33 Yesterday, an impulse made me do some pre-marketing. I hope this will help increase web-traffic when the official release date is. (Because then, I’ll do it again. It will then, for some, not be the first time you come across a personal ad.) I’m showing you my drafts and process, for the things we can learn from them.  The emptiness of my stomach woke me up this morning. I later fell asleep again….

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Friday, September 14, 2018

[SCROLL DOWN TO SEE A YOUTUBE VIDEO] 11:13 (AM)  Good morning, my Cuddle <3 I hope you’re just as pre-excited for the Nosce Te Ipsum release as I am :]. I like how I’ve extended the quest and (engagement) information about my (business) projects.  — I’ve been putting a lot of thought into agreeing with paying half of the £2.928,- tuition fee and my father paying the other half… That would be the entire “uitzet” I’ve been saving up for… I’d rather die than go back to sitting behind a desk most of my time, doing routinous work that is…

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