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Rims [Saturday, October 19, 2019]

Ayy the rims on this fresh as fuck B.  My love, Rims Today, I went to the Media Markt with my mother, to select a vacuum cleaner. Look at the rims on this thing ayy. Just kidding, though it looks quite smooth. For quite a fair price in comparison to the other vacuum cleaners. What I found the most important is that it’s bagless. I’m very happy I don’t have to clean with stoffer en blik anymore. And we had fun. Dinner at Ellis Gourmet Burger afterwards. With very kind staff. The most notable moment in our conversation was when…

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Feedback 1

My precious blog visitor ♥ Sorry for the delay, my dear. During the day I realized that I really had to test my presentation on that same day, because tonight I will be in Antwerp and having to make big changes on Thursday would be too late to implement new feedback comfortably. “Test driveee” So I spent my entire Monday (plus Sunday partly) crafting 58 PowerPoint slides, cooking, (partially) listing what points to make per slide and writing several different types of hand-outs (for both individual and group assignments). At some point I decided that I should better wing it…

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Grrr [Monday, April 1, 2019]

03:54 (AM) The most important part of my list is done. My websites are updated with The Hypothesis. I’m now going to relax until I may finally see the person who I really want to have in my life. I have worked very hard, though unpaid, and have deserved a moment to relax my brain. Of course, I’m tasked with making dinner today. Other than that, I’m going to do non-business-related things I’m in the mood for. Yes, on a Monday. ~~~ 19:00 (07:00 PM) I decided to “keep it simple”. So that I have enough time to visit the…

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