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Sunnyays 7 [Saturday, August 31, 2019]

Heysss ♥ North Sea Festiyays In Rotterdam they let me in with my camera, so I gave it a shot here as well. But I had to walk back to the apartment to drop it off because even though I mentioned that there is almost no difference between that camera and a phone camera, it was protocol and some artists don’t like being photographed like that, but if I would have had a fat sports lens on it, they would have allowed it in… x_x (This is funny if you’ve read two posts ago:) Het was zo ontzettend mooi! Ik…

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Operation Sunnyhoes Day 5 [Thursday, August 29, 2019]

Heysss ♥ Today’s island tour was a lot of fun! I’ve taken many pictures. Here is a sneak preview: Why you’re getting a preview now is because I need to get ready for the Jazz Festival real quick… I was quite tired after the tour of quite some hours, so I’ve been napping. Napping for too long… I can hear Juan Luis Guerra play from where I’m at. The festival terrain is right at the entrance of the resort we’re staying at. I don’t know any of today’s artists. but I love hearing new sounds. (Plus it might be so…

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