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Addendum 3 [Monday, November 25, 2019]

Over 500 LilFangs.com posts summarized and “remarked” in 6 hours and 18 minutes of video material. Addendum 3 is here and my series of addenda is complete. My love, Overview 01:00 – 10:00 Intro & Remarks about Addendum 2 What has been discussed this far. & 2 remarks: 1) During the previous surveillance, I had never mentioned the way I interpreted the Bible. I had also not mentioned the Inner Crown experience, though I had tried to explain it to my parents, who conidered the idea psychotic and snitched me. So during surveillance check-ups, I would be asked about it,…

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Addendum 2 [Friday, November 22, 2019]

This addendum covers the overview and additional remarks from the moment I quit my studies until the moment I was hospitalized in October 2017. It (thus also) covers my side of the story about going missing. My love, A Summary of Addendum 2 01:20 – 09:00 Additions to what I said in the previous video. I had not yet mentioned that since my grandfather passed I became a sort of workaholic in order to be able to ignore my feelings. And that the wave of nonsensical quarrels between my parents and I started when I was forced to explain my…

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Spontaneous Spontaneity [Wednesday, June 26, 2019]

13:59 (01:59 PM)  Good afternoon 🙂 ♥ I was kind of starting to miss talking to you all day. And I have plenty of time now. I have a train ride of more than an hour ahead of me 😀 . I hope you’re as pleased by this spontaneous spontaneity as I am 🙂 . What I was doing before Starting to type this My father’s “goodbye I’m going to work” kiss woke me up this morning. I wonder what it does for him. I also wonder what my mother feels when she rubs my tailbone or other parts of…

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Highlights [Monday, May 27, 2019]

00:00 (12:00 AM) I tweet so much that if I wouldn’t share it here as well, it would be impossible to create an oversight. So highlights (of highlights): That was not my original plan for a campaign, but it would work as well… We can also make it less sexy, so that it fits today’s cultural standards #DOCIS #Fangyism — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 26, 2019 And with people of whom I know they’re in love with me, to whom I’m attracted to as well, but I don’t want to break their hearts…. #Fangyism — Lil Fangs (@LilFangs_) May 26,…

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Cold Case 2 & Bookkeeping [Wednesday, April 3, 2019]

02:05 (AM) [(As usual) I’m elaborating on what I said yesterday.] To prevent more distortion in the story about me, I think a “public debate” (though I wanted to keep things simple and private, but that is not an option) would be good. To let both sides of the story about me be heard at one occasion, and let people then form their own opinions. Instead of just following those lies that were spread about me, when I was “missing”. I would appreciate it a lot, if we could stir in my debate about Keynes and the practices of the…

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