The head cuddle
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The Head Cuddle [Sunday, November 10, 2019]

The Head Cuddle is what I’ve been calling the brain-to-brain communication I experience (and never stopped experiencing since it started, gradually, even though I do not always mention my experience of it, which I will also explain). Not to be mistaken with the modern phrase “giving head”, which means performing oral sex on genitals. Without the Head Cuddle, I wouldn’t have been around anymore. My love, Prophecy before the Head Cuddle “What is the purpose of my vision?” is a question I’ve been trying to answer all my life. I must see things so differently for a reason. Visions and…

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Saturday April 21, 2018

15:20 (03:20 PM) Heeii  I have survived the most nerve-wrecking moment of all time: telling my mother I’ve booked a hotel in Paris… If she says “no”, I need to go to Suriname. But Liée! She only said that it’s not “gezellig”. (A word that doesn’t really exist in English. “Cosy” should come close to an explanation, they say, but it’s more “together, laughing about things for simple-minded people”. When you have spent your entire day with someone, talking about the news and gossiping and laughing about other people’s misery, you go home and say: “Het was gezellig!”, which means:…

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