The success of a(n online) fundraiser was a method for quickly facilitating the safety related reform, which is very much needed (not only because of eustasy) and not openly discussed enough. [Faaaaaaar from enough!]

However, quickly after setting it up, I took it down again. Here are my reasons for it:

  • From my heavily fluctuating “bounce rate”, I see that most people who read on this website read for the sake of reading and not for the sake of interaction and/or engagement. I don’t like hyping something on here, without any participation. That’s like organizing a big party, without anyone showing up…
  • With the budget and limited amount of time, it can’t be guaranteed that everyone who chips in, can be guaranteed access to my solutions. Also, I value the conservation of quality and don’t want to simplify my content.
  • If my solutions will really be put into practice, I think the (financial) preparation thereof should be done in person, instead of online. I prefer a real-life fundraiser. Not only because it looks way cooler in the history books… It’s also way more fun! 🙂 ♥

So – especially now that I’m giving in to my lack of success forcing me to become a full-time (well-ranked university) student again – my strategy has now changed to outing my strategy as a publisher, while I don’t have any publicists other than myself yet. I wanted to wait with broadcasting that, until having found the right people to publish for (more than one…). But the way my life currently is, indirectly leaves me no other option than to “enter full publisher’s mode” already.

The most important and uncertain aspect of my endeavor – it is and always has been – is finding useful and ambitious contacts, who truly believe in my endeavor, in such a way that they’re willing to sacrifice some (time and/or money, like I do) for it. I’ve experienced far too many people saying that they stand behind what I do, who truthfully are just a bunch of opportunists, who are waiting to lift along on my success, the way vultures wait for the abandonment of a lifeless body.

I hope going back to a traditional university, will work in my advantage. By that, I mean that I hope it will get me in touch with people from “the top of the ladder”. Of the student life – the routine and superficiality – I’m not at all a fan, but it seems inevitable. Unless I’m allowed to become a (or the) researcher’s apprentice (of a couple of researchers) and write some “theses”, in exchange for a letter of recommendation or something… [Or the title of Illuminatus Intelligens .]

I care about my endeavor far more than I care about paying off my debts, guaranteeing myself of a monthly income and giving myself a reason to go outside every day. But with the right people, that could easily go hand-in-hand, and that would make me the happiest person alive. It might also cure my tachycardia (and aortic insufficiency¿) !