Heyyy ♥ ♥ ♥

How was your weekend? I hope you’ve made some fun memories.

I’ve been working on the fun memories we’ll create as a future international book club. Omg meoow I really can’t wait until everything is done. (Though I’m a bit worried about if anyone who now frequently visits my blog will sign up…) It will be such fun! To have nerdy hangouts together… Once every quarter, I’ll rent a location where the D.O.C.I.S. Book Club (also known as the D.O.C.I.S. International Council) will meet up. It’s very easy to combine with your current occupation, regardless of what you do. 😀 And meanwhile we’ll also spend time together all over the world my meooow I really can’t wait. 😀

There will be two types of memberships – one online and one full. The full one includes a quarterly meet-up where we’ll exchange thoughts and ideas in person, and do something fun that has something to do with the theme of that quarter (coming up with sketches and filming those, cooking, yoga, anything…). After the first meet-up we might decide that we want to do this more frequently…? I hope so meowww… I will send you a date picker for the meet-ups (and try to be the first to claim a spot in your agenda every time hehe yaay). I want to include the Christmas holidays as an option… Like let’s do something completelyyy different for the first time in our lifetime… But it might be too radical for a start (or for ever) – that depends on what the majority selects on the date-picker – so there will be “normal” potential meeting dates on the list as well.

Creating the Book Club page and the sign-up form for it is what I’ll do first after adding all of The Store’s books to The Shelf. This far, in about three evenings I’ve added about 60% of available books to them. Today, I’ll go to my grandmother’s at 8 AM to babysit her house while she’s at her club and her bathroom and washing room are being renovated. So then I can start early for a change… I hope I’ll be done adding books to The Shelf before Wednesday. Then the real fun starts meowww: making the Book Club page, adding my own policies to it (which you really have to read meow it’s important and will be summarized as well), finishing the D.O.C.I.S. International website and then finishing The Fangs (on which Book Club members can be authors yayyy ♥ ). Plus Wikipedia (for which I should actually let new professional pictures be made… But I need an income meow please buy some books when the store is done)… 😀

Other little changes I’ve made to the store are:

That annoying thin line below the header is now taken away haha yay

I’ve changed the text alignment.

From reading that I hope that people won’t interpret that as me saying “Ooh noo we have no privacy anymore with all of this “improving” technology,” because I don’t consider it something Big Brother-like. I just hear people in my environment say that a lot. Just like I think we should actually even have less privacy, because then we can do better research haha…… You’ll get a fun “finish the introduction” writing assignment about privacy if you sign up in or before September. (Assignments that will never be graded, my meow. Just loved. 😀 ) It will be fun and important for the course of D.O.C.I.S. International meow please stay tuned. (Everything will be finished by August 23 because from then I’ll be tropical beach chilling and I want to not have to think of a big list of web development tasks when I’m there… 😀 )

There’s one shade of purple now and meow the percentage….

The discount is that you’ll get 4 months for the price of 3 months… When I first made this page I wasn’t sure about in what types of memberships I’d divide this and what good prices for them would be (to cover the expenses I’ll make per membership, set aside money to rent an event location, offer you a deal that is fair and simultaneously include a margin to cover unexpected costs). Now I know… And I’ll devote an entire article to the financial and operational side of D.O.C.I.S. International (and thus the D.O.C.I.S. Store and the D.O.C.I.S. Book Club). (Because my pricing is far from regular, when you compare it to other book sellers and stuff…)

What takes the longest is reasoning out how to briefly answer “Why is this book (available) in the D.O.C.I.S. Store?” for every book available

It takes long, but it’s worth it. 😀 And yesss we’re going back to dictionaries meooow I want to achieve that! We should start to let go of the way the internet does all of the thinking and searching for us. (Not only to be prepared in case of any long-term black-out.) It’s also better to embrace the advancement of technology, while letting go of attachment to the internet… Then we all develop. 🙂

Something else I’ve been spending some time on on Sunday, was the buildup of my presentation and contents of the essay “Evolving Individualism in the 9 – 5 Economy”. For that I’ll study profiles based on this:

There will be a survey

Meow I can’t wait to show you the essay about that either! And I’m calling research dibs on it… You may attack me on that statement if you have found something that actually looks like this, because I’ve been searching for relevant studies about this like crazy and I haven’t found a thing…

Speaking of research dibs… I made a ResearchGate account today, which you visit by clicking here. Please follow me so that I can follow you yay. 🙂 I’m thinking of sharing my essays on there… And I hope the Book Club will lead to new (research) collaborations!

Omg excitementtttt!

This diary is changing, because I’m – again – starting to have less time to write in it, because of the web development I’m currently doing. When the D.O.C.I.S. Store is up, when the Book Club will be yaying and when I’m a full-time student again, there will be more moments where I can’t write extensive blog posts every day, so I’m thinking of what the best way will be to keep you up-do-date with important lil breakthroughs and satisfy your needs for brain food… I think that you will find even more satisfaction in being an author for The Fangs and reading (self-reflection) posts from your fellow (anonymous) Graeynissis. 🙂

I’ll be back here on Tuesday (mid)night. Apologies for posting this later than Sunday evening…

Love you my meowww ♥



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