12:17 (PM)
Good afternoon 😀



I had breakfast in the morning, around 09:30. Then I wanted to take a nap, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I’m kind of stressed out because of Surinam… I decided that I should buy a MIDI keyboard with a drum kit, so that I can practice making beats. And buy a handbag, for “travelling ease”. I’ll also need a bottle of water (because as a tourist, I’m not supposed to drink water from the tap, they always say).

So, my next “impulse strategy for freedom” is making beats. Just like the episode was “an impulse for freedom”. I need these Cuddles mann :[. If you’re not real… :'[[… So… Listen to my music…? Aaarghh I don’t want to feel the pressure of breing captivated in time. Because I want to cuddle so bad I want to finish the task that could lead me to freedon very fast :[. I hope I’ll be able to “establish a name and network” through that. As in “I don’t have the claim to fame to hang out with you”. Ofzo? Fleh.

For today, I’ll be shopping again, then cooking dinner. After dinner, I’ll walk around with my camera again, to take some pictures of the neighborhood. After that I’ll soak in my bathtub, finishing the rest of my cider, and try to go to bed not too late.

Now I’ll take a shower and make “a little bit of lunch”, before I dash out. Three days are far from enough :[. The “highlights” of Rotterdam you can check out in 10 minutes, compared to this city (or any other big city on this planet).