06:19 (AM) 

Good morning <3

How was your night? 

I’m going to hit the shower


07:15 (AM) 

I’m at the gas station now. Just filled up this fucking big tank + got breakfast… 

09:52 (AM) 

Long time no semi-selfie?

Another angry client because she had been waiting for a substitute vehicle for more than 24 hours. She was in a quite secluded area in Hungary. I managed to arrange a car delivery from Budapest. I called her to tell her the delivery will take place around the end of the afternoon. She told me it has to take place sooner, because she has been waiting for very long. I tell her this is the soonest option. She says it’s not good enough. I ask her if I should cancel the delivery. First she said no, but later she said yes. So I ask her “You are going to pick up the car in Budapest yourself?” (It was about 2 hours from where she was at.) She says “yes”. I tell her, you’ll get a €75 refund for this. She says “No, you’ll get a fat bill from me for this”. I said: “Then I’ll now call Avalon to cancel your delivery. Bye.” Not even 5 minutes later I receive a message from a colleague who has been called by her, saying that she wants the delivery still. Oh my god, these people, man… I chose this job because I needed an investment and this seemed like a very noble type of work… 

14:43 (02:43 PM) 

I mentioned becoming part of the ISSN network earlier. But for our internationalness’ sake, and the “unfortunate” fact that I am, right now, still a sole proprietor (and not having offices across the globe), I’ll stick to ISBNs. I can only give out ISSN codes via (“what a surprise”) another royal organization (these monopolies, man….). But you need a temporary or permanent Dutch address to see publications published with a Dutch ISSN code, I saw. That’s not Cuddle proof… 

21:47 (09:47 PM) 

Pass Out

You look so cute

I almost fainted


Will you be with me? 

When I pass out [paaaa-haaaa (higher pitch) – sssssss – ouhououuuut (mid pitch (lower than the previous, but higher than the one before that))]

Sometimes it just happens

Pass out

I want to:

  • Write a summary of all Nosce Te Ipsum episodes and blog posts I’ve written this far. 
  • [Random] The times I remember passing out: Albert Heijn (±6 years old) , “‘s Gravenland festival” (±10 years old) (+koningsdag), die ene keer “toen iedereen een compleet andere herinnering van de avond had” (±19 years old), die ene keer in de douche (±19 years old) 

This was when I started working at the ANWB (“Royal Dutch Automobile Association”)