23:27 (11:27 PM) 

My Cuddle! <3

I hope that, exactly a month from now, my pressure group will start to grow. This group should consist of people with a lot of knowledge, who are specialized in different fields. From doing business to doing research to making music. Project Nosce Te Ipsum allows you to show yourself as a brand, from a different perspective. We will be combining (self-)research and entertainment. It is my intention to internationally brand the process of all pressure group members, while they write their Nosce Te Ipsum thesis, which will give them the official title of Illuminatus Intelligens. 

Haha today I learnt that 6% of the traffic from my website this month came from the Erasmus University. That’s amazing! Since my page is still in maintenance mode… I would love to see that percentage grow. You’re my target audience! I want to assemble those who aim for “the highest”. 

During the Nosce Te Ipsum campaign, you’ll define your purpose in life and shape a path that will make you achieve this and all the other goals you have. (I am saying YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!) 

At the ANWB student event I attended to yesterday, I have had a few chances to talk to one of the directors of the company, which was the reason why I went there. He is so nice! He told me that he is a blogger (too) and would love to propose a seat in the D. O. C. I. S. International Council to him, which would include participating in the Nosce Te Ipsum campaign. (I am very afraid of rejection, though. If he says “no”, I’ll probably delete this paragraph (and be sad lol) haha.) 

I’ll elaborate on this tomorrow. 

Good night, my Meow <3