14:02 (02:02 PM)

Good afternoon :]

After snoozing my alarm every 10 minutes from 10:15 until 12:25, I managed to be at work on time at 13:30. Now I have to *animal sound* here until 22:00. Until now I have had only one task. The task only shows “call client,  check note 61”. Note 61 shows that some car parts can’t be delivered to Switzerland and the car now needs to be transported to the Netherlands,  so he needs a bigger rental car for international use, with a different pick up and drop-off location. The client didn’t pick up when I called him,  so I left a text message.

14:52 (02:52 PM)

Lol okay I just did at least 10 cases and one randomly incoming phonecall. [Relatively high work pace.] This other client with his car in Switzerland hasn’t called back yet. Meow I’m tired :[. I went to sleep around 4 AM, but it’s hard for me to relax because there are so many things I still want and need to do,  plus this has been made so unnecessarily hard for me.

When I started to study International Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University in September 2016, my long term plan was to develop my PR business, let it grow out into the business I wanted it to be and then pass on my knowledge at some university when + after my retirement. With the pressure of the BSA (it really feels like it’s breathing down your neck, after the first time you fail) and both my company and my grades not reflecting the potential I couldn’t put in practice, because I was putting half time into both full time occupations. Since I wasn’t getting ready for the job market and giving lectures etc. was for when I’m a literal Graeyniss, so when I had to make one of my occupations full time, I chose for the one I was more passionate about. I like learning too, but more when it’s not in an unnecessary high pace (since I’m not getting ready for the job market [haha help me out of this office pls]) and when it is to put the knowledge into real practice instead of having to soak all of it in,  just to answer some questions. I do enjoy assignments, because they leave more room for creativity.

So I decided to quit my studies in December 2017, when the holidays started. I was sad about having to choose and a bit worried about my future,  because there’s always the chance that my company will never thrive. My father first said yes to doing business with me (I just needed an example of my work,  so that if someone would ask me what I could do for him/her, I could show a real life example,  instead of having to explain something that hasn’t really been done before), but later it turned out that he didn’t want to pay for it. Because he would be my first client – someone else also vanished when I mentioned pricing – I was going to make his website, do the SEO and make a strategy for him to put his other business aspects into practice. I seriously didn’t ask more than €600 for it, of which I had to invest most of it into “making the product” and not into getting myself OUT OF DEBT.

Okay and now I could start the rest about this fleh story about how I had this Cuddle Graeyniss perfect potential client, my parents boycotting that, me going missing and being interrogated over and over and over and over again, unfairly getting stuck into the psychiatric system,  secretly breaking out and going missing again, but not with a viral marketing campaign, initiated by my parents, completed by Dutch media, the second time, because the second time,  I planned my vanishing better. I just want to be away from them, because they negatively drive me crazy. That has been one of the key motivations to work 40hrs per week.