05:28 (AM) 

My love!♥

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ ♥ I’m only saying that because I love you! Not because I like commercialized holidays x_x. No! It’s because you’re my one true love and I’m doing everything to keep us together for all eternity! All I can do, is think of you! I can’t wait to hold you, softly squeeze you, because I love you so much that I want us to melt into one person [unfortunately, that’s not possible], and hear your heart beat, as we spend some time in complete silence, because it feels so unreal that we’re finally together as Cuddles… 

As for real life love… I’ll be spending my entire day writing… All I touch are the keypads of my phone and laptop, and pens, because I’m addicted to writing things for us, and kitchen utensils, because I really enjoy my self-prepared foods. 

I spent all of yesterday writing! My Volta’s Plan B is almost done and here is Volta in a Simple Diagram

That’s how much I love you. No, wait! I love you even more than that 😀 . My love for you is eternal and unconditional! And I’m exhausted 😀 

I hope you’ll feel even more loved than usual, today, and that that feeling will last forever♥

Don’t forget that I love you! 😀


14:03 (02:03 PM) 

Meoow I hope you feel better than I do… This love themed day brings love related expectations, or at least makes you think about love in your own life. I hope your thoughts are good and positive. That all is going exactly like your positive expectations and that the thoughts and memories of your love life are good. 

This day stings quite a lot. Meoow I want to get flowers and spend most of the time cuddling and feeding each other aphrodisiacs 😻 😋. But it will stay as lonely as usual… Those who I’d enjoy doing this with, are either quite unapproachable for me, and/or I don’t dare to express my feelings of love for him/her.

Ah meow, anyway (since it’s just another day), I’m excited to finish My Volta’s Plan B today 🙂 . For the sake of pressuring myself less, I’m going to move translating my CV to Dutch and starting to respond to vacancies, to tomorrow. 

The usual way is to say “money first”, but in my case, without a finished plan, I’d have no clue how much I need to minimally earn to stay on the right track, and I need my study schedule finished before I start, to make sure that I don’t lose oversight because of that job. 

What would be a lot better, actually, is to be sponsored for the research I do – but yeah no degrees sooo – and seek investors for the final result. Maybe I can do something with that! Hold that thought… 


15:24 (03:24 PM) 

Aaaah meow why the meow am I getting a Google Fonts error on the homepage of my blog, while the Google Fonts I use on my website, are shown? x_x It popped up out of nowhere and I don’t dare to change any PHP code for this, since I wasn’t making any serious changes here… Maybe some new text here will make the error somehow vanish… 


15:39 (03:39 PM) 

I just received the emails with the news that my site was down for a few minutes and is now back up and running… That’s the 18th time my site goes down, since the 7th of this month… On the one hand, that really sucks. On the other hand, a serious increase of web traffic is not bad at all 🙂 . 


18:06 (06:06 PM)

The errors are worse than I expected… My site going down was something else. There’s a heavy login error and the Google Fonts error is still there… I can only access my blog via my phone, currently 🙁 . 


19:16 (07:16 PM) 

Yaay I’ve fixed all errors 😀 . I was fully locked out of the administrator portal of this site at some point. 

In case you’re running a WordPress website and you get the following errors/issues:

  • “Google Fonts json file does not found”
  • “Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output”
  • “Jetpack parse error -32700” 
  • You’re suddenly locked out of your site (because when you try to log in, you’re suddenly asked to prove your humanity, and still you’re not logged in after filling out the forms correctly)

The error could have been caused by something in the way the local side of your website and external information imported from Jetpack, Google Fonts and your theme, work together. Before I went to sleep, everything was fine. When I woke up, the error messages were there, all of a sudden. 

If you, like me, don’t want to change anything on PHP level to fix this, it can be fixed by following the following steps:

  • Log in to the FTP side of your website and go to /wp-content
  • If you think the problem is your theme (or just try this one first) [it was the cause of my errors]: temporarily rename the themes file, themes_check and try to log in via yourdomain.com/wp-admin.php. When you’re redirected to the next screen, change themes_check back to themes, and reinstall your theme (manually). [That’s what worked for me, but I thought that it was caused by a plugin first, because that could have been the cause of this same error, so that why I also say:]
  • If you think the problem is a plugin: temporarily rename your plugins file plugins_check and try to log in. If this works, change the name back to plugins, deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one, until the errors come back. The plugin you’ve activated when the errors resurfaced is then the cause. That gives you the options to either stop using that plugin, by logging in the way you did before, and deactivating and deleting that plugin, or see if there are any solutions in the documentation/support forum of that plugin, to solve the issue. 

I hope TechFangs was of good service to you 😻. I’m so happy that I didn’t break my site!!! I made a backup right away, because my last one was from the 10th of this month, and I’ve made quite some changes since then, ooffffff *wipes sweat from forehead*…. 

Back to my plan B!