04:29 (AM) 

Meoow turning a store item into a service has been tough, but I’m almost there now… I’ve been changing around my menus also, and added terms and conditions. And some other back-end stuff that isn’t even visible for visitors, but a lot of changes have been made. 

I hope to finish everything today, but I always feel like socializing when there are visitors, and today the grandchildren will be visiting again, for dinner, so that means I’ll only have the afternoon to work on this. 

There are some labels I need to add for the requirements of the text specifications form, for my services, I need to fix the image ratios in the store, there’s something going wrong with my registration form, which I need to fix, purchase links need to be added to this website and the D.O.C.I.S. International website, I need a newsletter, some new slides for my slider would be nice, the text on my home page has to be updated, I want to write an article about Volta and setbacks, and – last, but not least – I need to add topics and conversation starters to my forum. Oh, and I want to redraw my logo, and use a geo-triangle this time. 

I’m saving the forum task for last, because that is the most fun, and once that gets going, I’ll be less motivated to perform my other tasks. I also need to write that e-mail to de belastingdienst, before the 12th. And start applying for jobs…. But I just don’t want to lose all the time I have for my business x_x.  I chose the edgy pricing for my writing services, to attempt to use that to make a living. I could write you Seneca-style letters, for your entertainment. Consider it a hobby that relates to delicacies, because I’m attempting to price myself into the luxury segment. 

I added categories to the menu earlier

I added external stores to the store

Anddd I’m exhausted, so I’m off to bed. But I have so much to tell you, still! Especially with the rejection and all… And my search for Graeynissis, which has become much harder now. Ah, meow 🙁 .

Good night

I love you


13:55 (01:55 PM) 

Hey ♥

Yesterday’s rejection has made my future vision even more blurry. But I’m not giving up… All I need is some Graeynissis. They possess knowledge I need to succeed in my mission, which I can’t learn from regular people. 

In a way, it might be a lot better for me to not be affiliated with an institution. Since I (prefer to) work independently… I needed the affiliation, solely for my network and being referred to the right study books. That is literally all, for me. Yeah and it sucks that people will now think that I’m dumb, for the rest of my life [might be an exaggeration, if I still manage to pull this off in a different way. By still being acknowledged for the title Illuminatus Intelligens, for example, if only I could find some Graeynissis…], now that I’m not studying at all anymore. Not that I care about what they think, because I know what the truth is, but it’s just annoying to hear them express their shit beliefs about me, to me. I’m a good listener… I don’t say anything and let them talk. 

The rate of visitors reading my diary is far too low, in comparison with the time I put in to it, so I hope to change that, by making an explanation tour, for (new) visitors. $20 is the cost of the cheapest plugin for that… Meow I have €3 to spend… x_x. Ohh but I’m still getting a tax back and I’ve never filled out my bank credentials for Spreadshirt, until yesterday, so I’m also getting back my own share for buying my own clothing (haha I’m paying for it x_x). Please let me write something for you :D. I crave for better writing purposes… 

I’m going to shower and eat something… There are salmon and cassave in the freezer, and there’s an avocado that needs to be eaten. That’s what I’ll be working with… Before I get back to all of this website editing… 

Ohh meoww I should add book previews to this website, too… And an “article to PDF” button, too! This is such a big previously unplanned makeover! The additions might slow down my site… I wonder how to get support for more traffic and more content…