12:25 (PM) 

Good afternoon ♥

I’m very glad that the marketing for Volta, in my own “(currently online) empire to be”, is visible everywhere. As for other (social) media marketing… My budget and the audience I’ve been reaching with it, make me prefer to seek other methods to promote it. I’d be satisfied if I can get 10 Graeynissis to read it… And then hope that they see my potential and want to ride this wave with me… 

Meoww as for promoting it in my own social circle… I’m not looking forward to commentary… Especially because with many, our philosophies differ so much… If I’d summarize this very abstractly, even though most of us don’t identity ourselves with a religion, the view on determinism falls within the same abstract. They’re Christians for believing that prosperity has already been initiated [“de Messias is al geweest”] and that life is now good enough and that it will stay that way. I’m Jewish (not really read in on the scripture to say that I’m an expert on this, but this is abstract, so) for saying that real prosperity is yet to come. [“De Messias moet nog komen”.] I consider this whole thing where these “Christians” [it includes the agnosts and atheists who also believe that life is this fixed routine] refer to me as a schizophrenic, because of what I believe in, and we still spend time together, the way the Dutch saying “Twee geloven op een kussen, daar slaapt de Duivel tussen,” is interpreted. It causes a lot of disagreements, which are not healthy for me (and them, but mostly for me, because I keep my 10000001 arguments why I disagree, to myself, because my words are rarely understood), so in my view it’s best to go our separate ways, and I’m not proud of the way I’ve brought the message, but our views differ too much to discuss it. I don’t want to take distance from every single person I’ve ever met, I guess, but for sure a good 95% of them. I believe that I don’t want to distance myself from Jam and Eli. They seem people who could live according to my belief. I for sure don’t want every single being to do that. I value quality and good hearts. They’re one of the veryyyyyyy few people who haven’t hurt me. Maybe Viktor also… 

To me, that’s enough humans for the ride, because the process of deconstructing someone’s pessimism about our universal future is suc a fucking annoying and dreadful draining of my own energy, I prefer to only “reward” those who have kept my heart apart to the largest extent, for this. Other than that, I want my life to be all Graeyniss 😻. The types of Graeynissis who can hear me reason, and those who are positively interested (not gaining information to later ridicule it) in it, who are open to my belief. I can only try get along with someone who has the same belief as I. A fucking way overused overrated counter argument here would be: “But you should get to know all kinds of people.” I know all kinds of people, and that’s exactly why I can now say that I want to stop seeing most of them, with the outmost certainty. 

If you’d excuse me… I have some berries to pick up [*semi-subtle camera zooming in while putting on sunglasses* haha that’s a joke] so I need to shower and eat and stuff… I’ll be back [HAHA] xxx


19:23 (07:23 PM) 

Meoow I have my berries 😻 .

Meoow the taste of this reminds me of when I was little

And I made pasta, because she who owns the house is not feeling well. I used salmon, spinach, white wine, thyme, oregano, creme fraîche, aromat, unions and garlic. 

It was tasty 🙂

I want to be in cuddle-mode to tell you the rest of the things I want to tell you xxxx