Good afternoon ♥

I’ve been indoctrinated with fear, for no reason. I don’t like games of divide and conquer, and other nonsense for a monopoly on my attention. My first exchange of words with my father(¿), was casual asf. The way I prefer it. 

[The topics of a diary post are ordered in the way I encountered them.]

The executive summary is going to be part of my “business overture”. I’m writing a business overture, instead of a business plan, because my “product” is not regular [it’s a country…], and thus it needs more emphasis on the concept and strategy and less on the financial prognosis, because the income depends on the size of “councellors” and the size of the audience. 

Because of the type of goals I have, I prefer to lend from individuals, universities and the government. But how the meow am I going to reach them…? I’m not a much of a  student x_x. 

Okay maybe not necessarily the government [because I really just don’t know how to feel about it(s existence)], but I need a lot of capital. 

Meoww I dream of sitting at the head of a very long and very expensive table, with a lot 1of suited up Graeynissis giving me advice 😻😻


I used the template from the Forbes website and wrote down what I need to “write out”

My version will have a different document structure

Haha my “management team” [= council [oh no, the masses prefer watching Netflix over doing that… I’m waiting for you, my Graeynissis]] and useful informed and in person having told me “Yes, we will do business together” people in my network count = 0…..

Brrrr. It was about 10 degrees Celsius, but it felt like it was freezing. 

The Endeavor

  • Company history
  • Future plans

The Market 

The Cycle

  • Components
  • Initiating the cycle (financial request)

Inside Operations 

External Services 

  • A summation

Public Relations

Etc… I’ll post the executive summary as a separate post, when it’s done. The full plan, you’ll be able to see, when you become a counselor. At D.O.C.I.S. International, a counselor is also an independent publisher and anyone else you would like to be. 

Maybe it’s still better for me to do this in the US? Since my intentions are to start the initial compound in the US. (Before the island is finished.)

By the way, this feels like such an abrupt end of my course in language and culture. But better working space :D. 

On D.O.C.I.S. Island/Planet Fang (let’s vote?), I would like to write daily reports about the company, which will be the news. 


I see that when I view this website from the web, it sometimes doesn’t display all images I’ve uploaded? That’s why I have to place captions, by means of indicating that there’s an image there. 

Meoww, back to focusing on my business overture. 


Essential changes are that it’s now “the risk of media rivalry and overcoming this” and the remarks are taken away. 

And that I think that I should make the entire thing public…? Consider it “de rijksbegroting” [the country’s annual financial plan] of our very first year! For public diplomacy reasons, transparency is very important. May the compound be an embassy plss? Every country in the world 😻. We export all of our internal services (?).


Goddamn, I didn’t know the Netherlands exported cow sperm. On television, I just saw a cow fuck another cow for the business purpose. He was named Charlie and they spoke English to him. Dude… x_x TV dinners are not good for my heart ahahahahahaha.