I don’t know what to say… I just didn’t expect the sudden motive to free myself from palpitations and extreme blood thirst yesterday. 

Excuse my non-Docisness… I wish I could find the shortness of words to break down all of “what the company does” down at once. But I’m very tired :[. I actually really need to visit doctor Cuddle. I don’t know how to achieve that, though, since I don’t have that much to spend and I really want to stop involving “my parents” in my financial life. I want to financially depend on Cuddles :D. [Only to kickstart the real D.O.C.I.S. International.]

My alarm is set for 05:00. I’ll be at my last transit around 05:29 :D. 

I’ll be train napping xxx

This is the randomest part of my stats by the way


I’m almost there 😀



Being back in this city now – Berlin –  made me realize how much I missed it. Not that I know so many people here. It’s more the effect of the language and environment being relatively new to me and I really like the “alien effect” of making people curious, because there are not many people who look like me, here, that I like so much. 

I’ll be with a Cuddle of mine. I’ll have to orient myself on getting investors and living and the release etc, from here. And make sure that I get closer to California instead of the Netherlands, after this, when it comes to traveling. 


I’m at a steak restaurant with some Cuddles. I feel very bad about going to Germany while I have a self-set deadline, but this Cuddle needs to eat after this crazy long journey here.  


Meow & #x1F63B;😻 

D.O.C.I.S. will contain clarity by the end of tomorrow. I’m thinking of changing the chapters structure.