14:18 (02:18 PM) 

Good afternoon :] <3

I hope you have plans of engaging in my projects. You won’t regret this! 😀 (If you’re Cuddle…) The info on how to engage will be published on September 30th. 

My next statistics deadline is the 17th. It was my intention, since the assessment has 15 questions, to do about 30% of the questions today. (I started today.) I’ve already done 40% now, so I find that I have the rest of the day “off” again. 

Haha “Pixel Action Heroes” is such a fun game! I’ve been playing it this morning as well… The “zombie” levels. It’s basically zombie Minecraft. My “high score” is 9 waves, with idk how many kills haha.

I think I’ll go to the gym now and then head over to Erasmus to write some. I still have a lot of writing to do, but as soon as the “maybe I should not write this down because then people might complain” hesitation starts to fade, which is what I call “getting in my zone”, I could write an entire book in a day. 

The thought of going to that location, with all of those Graeynissis, makes me kind of nervous. But it’s “the good kind of nervous”? Haha. The “attraction kind”…

By the way, Run It Back (Freestyle) by Kirk Knight is ve-ry good :D. For some reason Spotify crashes when I try to share it. (Is it because the song is too lit?  ;])

Change of plans: it will be gym, wash fro & write at home, because by that time the table downstairs will probably be free. I’m on the top floor right now. Melting haha. It’s too warm to focus here. 

Excuse my fears for flooding and not ever seeing my B anymore and getting taken into an institution against my will, by the way. I’m currently powerless in all three situations, it seems. I would love to change that… They are one of the many motives for me doing all of this. 

16:18 (04:18 PM) 

Some pre-gym selfies:

Why wear a wig to the gym, right??  😀

I’m eating this granola bar, to prevent myself from fainting, due to the fact that I usually only eat when I’m too hungry or when there’s something I find very tasty. 

17:36 (05:36 PM) 

Spot the Rebelniss in this picture

Look at my gym bag 😀

I’m just trying to keep your mind off things by randomly showing and sharing things. You should do the same, so that I could keep my mind off things as well :D. 

I’ve had some good conversations with someone who works at the gym I’ve been a member of since I was 8 :].

20:23 (08:23 PM) 

I’m going to the gym with my father on Saturday :]

21:33 (09:33 PM) 

Free(gre)asy advertising¿ Normally people get paid for this haha

I’ll be paying half¿ Luckily it’s only one module, even though I’ll have to approach them for this, since this is level 2 and I’m late :D. “De “52%” schaal. Helemaal vergeten… -.-” “

Clean slates… I’ll be writing xxx

22:57 (10:57 PM) 

I won’t spoil the exact content 😉