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Good morning!  <3

How’s your day this far?

My day is...
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Today, I’ll be working on my websites and Episode 1. (This is “a one woman show” I case you didn’t know this yet :D. I want this to change…) 

14:08 (02:08 PM) 

My new wig was delivered yesterday. I just tried it on :D.

I just decided to go to the supermarket. (I don’t like being in public that much (when I’m not with a (true) Graeyniss).) It’s raining like crazy, so I’m going by car. (Even if it wouldn’t be raining loooool.) 

I made these pics a while back btw:

14:48 (02:48 PM) 

Right now, I’m eating some left over noodles. This is my first meal of the day. (My eating rhythm has been twisted like that all my life.) In the store, I didn’t really “come prepared” (as in I hadn’t made a shopping list), so I just bought things in the categories “dinner” and “breakfast”: unfrozen potatoes cut into the shape of fries, a zucchini, tomatoes and long shaped red paprika’s (the label says “pepper”, but a tomato is more spicy (and smaller) !!!! [Which is why I bought it]) two packs of diced uncooked chicken (?) for my sister and her boyfriend (? but she later ended up eating at his place and then she called me to ask if I could give her a ride home. I don’t know where her boyfriend lives (and no) [I added this part in between brackets after cooking]) 

So, as I usually do after “breakfast” (since my contract has ended and I thus don’t have to be around people): I’m going to roll a joint and smoke it haha. (Normally it was “after work” or “whenever my parents are not around”.)

My Cuddle :[

I see there are more people with “un-cuddle” days compared to those with “awesome” days right now :[. We shouldn’t feel un-cuddle!!!! By working together, we’ll change this!  <3

Before I mentioned public Cuddles yesterday, I mentioned private Cuddles. This because for you, as a Graeyniss, doing anything that has anything to do with someone who has “Lil” in the name, could harm your reputation for all eternity. And this while it doesn’t say ANYTHING about BOTH YOU AND ME!!!! 

18:04 (06:04 PM) 

Here’s “a current overview” of the new Nosce Te Ipsum :D.


I just received the Fashion Nova package :]

Here’s my discount code, by the way:

https://share.fashionnova.com/x/u7TJi2 (does it still work?) 


This was yesterday:

[Costs of holiday vs what I’ve earned at the ANWB………………]

Some tea?

I picked this one. (Haha the mess…….)

I still haven’t decided on the exact release date yet. 24 hours before the websites will go out of maintenance mode, there will be a countdown clock on a black screen. During this period, I will actively market on Instagram (and Facebook……….??? (I don’t want to…) My audience doesn’t like Facebook that much… The “Facebook” audience isn’t my audience, I think…). I could say “Nudge A Graeyniss”? My audience on Instagram isn’t that big either… 

Why can’t we be Cuddles, my Graeyniss? :[ 

Haha “Ik wil niet vervelend doen ofzo hoor, maar…. ” Please do it…. (Is it in your IP address?) 

The adventure :D. The thrill :D. Life is too short to stay inside and watch Netflix, to me!!!! 

More questions??? 

Haha please nudge a Graeyniss! The only way to allow the audience to grow, is through the website itself… You don’t click on ads. Or come across them often? 

Scroll down very fast, if you don’t yet want to know what will be revealed after the coming online of LilFangs.com and Docis.International. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but due to certain private circumstances, I am being prohibited from communicating with the rest of The Council. [Does that sound familiar in a different context…? You know what’s up :D.] Only through the words on these pages they can oversee my part of our business spectrum. 


My Cuddle…

The new Nosce Te Ipsum I, Book I, Episode 1 has an extended and more targeted fill-in-the-gap-story. By participating, depending on the level you choose, you get the title of Practitioner or Illuminatus Intelligens.

There should be an app for this, which gives you the overview of the goodness in you. Every moment of the day. For now, it’s only pen and paper (which is mandatory for Illuminatus Intelligens). Your progress in getting the Nosce Te Ipsum certificate, your location at all times (for Council members, who receive the corresponding watch), the daily status of your finances, literature adapted to your preference, access to our games, music and videos, etc. 

I am so exhausted, my Meow :[. This is my last chance ;(.

[To Be Continued]


*Un-cuddle thought popping up* The “emergency plan” of the Dutch government really reminds me of Pompeï (Pompeii?). They teach you from birth, basically: “When the alarm goes off, go inside and close all of your doors and windows.” This reminds me of that South Park episode [father and ex watch(ed) this a lot] where they say: “When lava approaches, hide underneath the sheets.” The alarm is not there to announce a war, even though that’s what they say it’s for. When the water levels get too high, you need to run to the highest building possible? Have more broad roads for emergency transportation of definitely more than a million people… It depends on how high the water level gets… The last time this happend was in 1953, right? Haha I want to be able to be out of this country within 20 seconds when this happens :D. 

Sometimes I get “breaking news” through the car radio as well. I heard them say “The solution to the too great amount of CO2 in the air is to construct an underground matte/mat that will block this.”

HAHA HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SOLVING THE PROBLEM? The tap water here is filtered rain + ground water, right…? The issues of 17 million+ people on a post stamp size of land. 

For some reason I want to “know more”… 

“Halen doelstelling twee graden opwarming wordt lastig” = “To conform to the agreement made about the 2 degrees Celcius increase in heat will be a tough one” (This is a “free translation”. Your translator will show a literal translation, which doesn’t include certain cultural assumptions given by the Dutch text (like the “Celcius”).)

“Vermindering vervuiling kan zeespiegelstijging remmen” = “Decrease of pollution could slow down the increase of the water levels” HAHA NEWsssssss. IT HAS THE WORD “NEW” IN IT. THIS IS WHAT YOU LEARN IN KINDERGATTEN?????? (“They should know, because then our children could save us.”) Ciaooo :D. Notice the “slow down”????????? 😀

My Graeyniss, when are we leaving?  😀

It wouldn’t surprise me for the survivors, who would need to know WAAAAAAAY in advance, to sell “(Underwater) Atlantis Water Tours”. 

It would be very predictable for a dumb, superficial person to here say that government related worry is because of a mental illness. THINK A-FUCKING-GAIN. 

Mogen alleen Ridders naar de Olympus, wanneer “Het Deltaplanmoment” zich opnieuw voordoet? Dit in combinatie met de huidige status van de opwarming van de aarde. 

We should create Planet Fang together!! The numbers on the previously shown image represent neighborhoods. IT’S AN ISLAND.