00:43 (AM) 

Ohh something important that just came to mind, I still need to mention: My parallel coup [in the sense that I don’t believe in the democratic system and thus I don’t intend to waste my time with trying to acconplish my endeavor via that route… I want it to be a violence free route] technocracy parliament is built up diffrently from regular parliaments. The Praesens, me, has a say in everything and is on top of everything. My Graeynissis report to me and I report to the public. And my local Cuddles report to my Graeynissis (and me). [I use present tense, because this is informative.]

The Strategicus, My B (= Visje = Benoรฎt), is the head of our public strategy. Our greatest challenge is making the public understand what’s going on and how we’re solving it, plus how the public should anticipate to join us (if they want to). [This is currently all just an idea, still. I haven’t spoken to him about this in real life, but I know he already knows about it, because of The Head Cuddle. Call me a schizophrenic for this, but you can’t prove it, because we haven’t seen each other since like February 2017. We were planning to meet again in April 2017, but then I wasn’t allowed to, by my parents, and the thing with the psychiatry started. The report in yesterday’s post says that it started in March 2017, but that is fucking bullshit. I’m telling you, it’s all insurance fraud, because I never wanted to undergo any therapy. I solely kept talking to them, because I wanted them to delete my file.] 

For My Vicje [the “-je” makes it funny, because in Dutch, words ending with “je” mean “little” [just like “-chen” in Germanยฟ], but he’s so tall that I need to tilt my head slightly upwards, when I speak to him [love it haha]] I was thinking of him being the head of where our international policy is unique in common/civil(?) law, in the field of business, since our parliament is a business. There are a lot of things we need to internationally negotiate about and new laws that need to be stated. Especially with the island and the controversy among responsibility among the risk among the Dutch waterworks. And also because some people I want as members of our parliament are not Dutch. Plus – your background in insurance makes it perfect – we need a completely different insurance system. (But the head of health related things is someone else… Maybe doctor Cuddle? ๐Ÿ˜€ ) How should we call your function? 

Lorenzo and Sander [I don’t have nicknames for you yet… Sometimes I base them on things I remember someone say. But with me remembering Lorenzo using Mickey Mouse as an example, and me remembering Sander speaking (lecturing) faster than Busta Rhymes raps [there’s no better definition for talent… Lecturing in English, while you’re young and Dutch! On the eye contact thing: I would do the same with such a tough crowd… Sorry about being a meeloper, by the way ๐Ÿ™ โ™ฅ. I only said that thing to you, because I wanted to not hear students talk shit anymore. We still spoke after the day I mentioned that, I remember. [How did you know where I was exactly after I finished my midterm…? I walked out of that classroom, alone, and you were standing behind the door and asked me how my test went. You walked towards the exit with me… (Omg why did I not attempt to let it lead to chilling for far longer… I always put so much Must… Act… Intellectual… pressure on myself around Graeynissis I find attractive, I tend to hide…) You must receive The Head Cuddle ๐Ÿ˜€  ] and him saying that some guy “should have been sacked” when some example of fraud was given. Oh, I’ve spoken Lorenzo once, too. It was fully unnecessary, in the sense that it wasn’t about the exam (for which I was so unprepared I was scared to ask questions). I just wanted to talk to him, so I thought of walking up to him during the break of one of his lectures I was in, and ask if it’s possible to have a holding with only one stockholder. I knew it’s not forbidden… But I didn’t know family businesses fell within that same category ๐Ÿ™‚ . I wanted to ask if the De Medici family falls within that category – I know the name, and some other things about them vaguely. But it felt too random, since I picked that family as an example, because he’s from Italy, I was afraid to be wrong and I was also in need of air, because he’s so handsome… He would get the hottest lecturer from IBEB award from me for sure hahaha. I hope I didn’t come off as a money hungry person. I want to somehow be on top of my holding – it’s not somehow since I have a strategy for it and I mailed you and my B about it – (if it were public), because I for someone who solely lives off investing, cashing out at the right moment is more important than the endeavor. I don’t want that mentality in my empire.] I just don’t have a good nickname for you yet…], I would make the heads of internal (Lorenzo) and external (Sander) finance. “Fisci” (“Fiscussen”), thus, since privatized shit will be reversed in such a way that we can restore nature’s balance, in the context of resources and ecology. But for ecology, the head of that position will be someone else, again. 

I have not spoken any Graeynis about my plans yet. Not via e-mail, not in person, et cetera. Not even via The Head Cuddle, since the brain damage and muscle stiffness I got from those fucking antipsychotics (infertility, too, godverdomme), makes it harder for me to decipher the movement of my skull. I can’t reach them, because of Graeyniss reasons ๐Ÿ™ . What’s our way around them…?  

After I finished reading yesterday’s post, my Nintendo was empty, so while t was getting charged to go on, I started to write. I’m going to play one round and then go to sleep… 02:00 AM will be my bed time. I hope yours is at a healthy time! 

Good night again xxx


12:35 (PM) 

Good afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚

I pray your Christmas is merry. 

I just finished my yesterday’s left overs for breakfast and expanded the 00:43 AM text. 

Why does this lay open? (Rethorical question…) Are you trying to tell me something, mother? It’s even better… It should be “Met Trump in het zweethok” and I can’t wait… To get there and end the waste of time bullshit gossip scheme within international media. Let’s all stop talking and start doing things. 

 Other reforms I would like to propose are:

  • I will be Sinterklaas from now on. The story will be: “Zwarte piet wanted a new leader for very long, but they were suppressed and unheard. Lil Fangs succeeded Sinterklaas and freed all zwarte pieten. They now do not have to slave anymore… Dress up how you want to โ™ฅ. (And don’t let anyone influence you in your choice of clothing! Your own choice is the most beautiful!โ™ฅโ™ฅ)”. And I will really be giving children with shitty parents gifts, once I become a millionaire. We’ll be singing, dancing and playing non-computerized games all day. No more school!!! (Not in the way is exists now.) Voting rights for children!!!
  • Instead of giving people money for welfare, I think it’s better to give them the resources they should be purchasing from that welfare and maybe a little pocket money, but this to make sure that it doesn’t end up in the illegal financial circuit and/or is spent incorrectly [for example to make sure that someone doesn’t spend it on a new pair of Jordans, instead of keeping aside enough for daily diapers]. 

There are many more, but I want to keep my unique strategy to myself, because people can steal it and I want to be the one writing history. 

I’ll be taking my plate to the kicthen and binge eating fruit. I’m drinking gold tea ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite flavors [haha I usually write flavour… A residu from being taught British English ๐Ÿ™‚ ] of tea are: gold, jasmine, orange, rooibos, strawberry, earl grey, ginger and chamomile. 


13:25 (01:25 PM) 

We’re going out for dinner today, at Van der Valk in the region of Utrecht. (Utrecht, because at first it was looking like I was going to stay in Amsterdam and Utrecht is sort of in between Rotterdam/Capelle and Amsterdam, so it would have been practical, I’ve been told.)

Oh, by the way, when I was reading back my post from yesterday, I saw my BSN (personal identification number) is on that letter. They say you should keep it a secret. I want a new BSN anyway, since I’ve been treated in a way that is against the law by those who have access to it, and now my records do not resemble who I am. Also, HR needed my BSN again… Well, now you have it? 

If someone does crazy shit with my BSN, I’ll know who not to allow into my independent system ๐Ÿ™‚ . This is bait ๐Ÿ™‚ .

A Christmas tradition, isn’t it? (I’m joking) 

That fietsatlas belongs in a museum, hehe. Haha meoow I’m the perfect temp, please give me somethinggg. (Before elaborate and free online dictionaries, that dictionary was my Bible, when I was a younger…)


14:04 (02:04 PM) 

What to do…? I’m quite tired, which is why the proposal on my business website is unfinished and I haven’t made the 2019’s reform article on LilFangs.com yet. Articles like that cost far more brainpower than just writing down whatever comes to mind. The reform thing should be finished before I insert the donation thingy on this website. You’ll support me, right? ๐Ÿ™ I will never ask anyone who has ever called me a schizophrenic and/or “een wereldverbeteraar” who will never succeed, for support. 99% of the people I “know”… They can suck it ๐Ÿ™‚ . I want to show that I can make it and am better off without them. 

I want to be a bed petje… I’m going upstairs and undress for bed.


14:44 (02:44 PM) 

I’m petting ๐Ÿ™‚

Cuddle me? ๐Ÿ™

The most strategic part of my writing today, is that chances are high today’s web traffic is more than usual [It’s an off day (almost) world wide and besides the sentiment of togetherness and stuff around the holidays, it’s often still just gazing at screens [Netflix and/or “cable” television, as always] and shallow conversations. I’m here for you, person with a brain. I love you and I’ll entertain you with my written words all day long.] and even after the holidays, people might want to read back and see what I was doing on Christmas. [To summarize answer to that. To me, it’s: “Same shit, different day.”] And today I’m writing down parts of my aspirations as a politician – which I’m not yet – so that means that chances are higher that more people will read about it, because today is a popular holiday ๐Ÿ™‚ . 


15:13 (03:13 PM) 

How I would brand Lil Fangs for President

I have so many ideas for it, I don’t know where to start writing about it ๐Ÿ˜€ . 

I want to show you a good balance between my plans for serious global change and intellectual entertainment. For the sake of entertainment and symbolism, the way I would stylize myself is in a “Cleopatra, meets 16th century western queen, meets free slave, meets the future and supernatural traits” kind of way. Lil Fangs’s way of clothing is very “dramatic”. [For example, the sleep (I don’t know how to say that in English, but the part of my cape that drags over the ground) of the cape I wear over my dress should be huge, as well as my collar.] My Graeynissis will be perfectly adapted to it. 

For everything I want to tackle, there will be a satiric sketch, starring Lil Fangs. [Even the masses could understand it, then. And finally entertainment will be entertaining for me and you, too.] I would like to release them as advertisement videos. Both online and analog. I don’t want to give away spoilers of the videos… I want to surprise you ๐Ÿ˜€


15:38 (03:38 PM)  

HAHA I just saw that this post’s title was called “Deember 25”. I type without autocorrect and without my glasses, I can’t see those kind of details in the text. Haha sorry… It’s all throughout my posts as well. For the amount of text I write, I assume it’s easily forgiven. 

I just have been called from the other room to leave my bed. I’m going to take a shower and get ready xxx 


15:56 (03:56 PM) 

Saw this right after leaving the shower. 

Beetje jammer…

I’m still in the “right after leaving the shower” momentum


16:53 (04:53 PM) 

Meet Christmas Fangs:

Had to close the door of my kast to make my room seem a little less messy… Haha I’m always sweaty shout out to my aortic insufficiency

I wanted to make an indirect booty pic, but my basketball figure izznomore (feel like a body builder who quit) plus room is messaayy… Haha there’s my first “spaarvarken” I got from the ABN Amro when I was a very little little Fangs. It’s that Efteling guy… Not the papier hier guy but the other one [haha I’ve been to the Efteling twice in my entire life… Once when I was a baby [I’ve heard] and once when I was 16, for the school’s jubilee. As a kid, I always wanted to go, though…]… The type of savings account I have there doesn’t even exist anymore today haha

The purse I carried with me for two proms in a row will be my companion tonight. I don’t have earrings ๐Ÿ™ . Okay I have a few Primark ones, but I’m so past that now… 

Ah meow… 

Haha I want to tell you something about my political philosophy, but it’s a long story and it won’t be long until I can’t stop hiding in my room anymore. I prefer writing without stopping and uploading the text right after I’m done – to prevent data loss – so I’ll wait until we’re in the car. 

On the stats: ben best wel pissig ivm alle moeite die ik doe… My conversion rate is echt om te janken. Wat voor fucking betrokkenheid? Mensen staren alleen maar… ๐Ÿ™ 

Mobiele data is echt fucking duur trouwens… Waarom? Is het zo duur…

Haha forever in contact maaahn


17:57 (05:57 PM) 

Yess so on my political philosophy: some aspects of it stem from the pressing issues of our time. The most pressing one for me personally and for many other Nederlanders, is the environmental danger that comes with living in a country that is a country, solely because of the existence of the waterworks. 

If they wouldn’t be there, the city I live in would be ocean.  The issues the media portrays as the most serious of our time, are a complete distraction from the danger we live in. [It’s very fucked up that people die from bombings and other stuff with a very vague motive, but explaining the details and then naming how many people died is not solving the problem. It’s also not healthy for those who are mourning (that the cause is the media itself, but they’re lying about it) and not for me either, because it gives me palpitations and makes me want to attack media people for keeping up the same nonsense cycle. The whole business behind that industry should not exist. Just now, there was a news flash about it on the car radio. That something happened in the ministry of foreign affairs in Greece. Why is that a reason for a Dutch news flash? Especially the: “We don’t know who caused the bombing, but it’s probably the Islamic State.” What the fuck? It’s probably you, motherfucker [the news reporter… This is a literary form of exclamatio I use… It’s not literally the reporter. It’s everyone involved in the media/war industry]. You’re the one earning from it. If there weren’t people dying for vague reasons, you wouldn’t have a job. On my life, I swear that when I seize power, it will not be possible anymore to earn from such inhumane things. Fucking demons… Bombs are also soooo fucking bad for the environment so why THE FUCK are people making them? ]

I’ve been alive for 22 years (don’t ask me how) and to this day, no one has ever proposed a solution to the serious problem that is the fundament of this country I live in (The Netherlands (= “Dutch”)). So now that I have a solution in mind, I don’t want to hear anyone claim that they have the right to be involved in that solution. You’ve had 22 years to come up with a better alternative, and in my solution, unfortunately, there’s no room for the entire world population. 

Because when the imbalance in nature, makes the ocean claim a piece of land on which more than 10 million people live [because www.overstroomik.nl en www.rijksoverheid.nl indicate that not all of the country will flood. The government knows, eh, and clearly they don’t give a fuck. I’m trying to save people here, as soon as possible], the government’s education has taught us “All go inside and close your doors and windows”, while there should be an evacuation plan beforehand. But this land is already far overpopulated and that evacuation plan shouldn’t mean overpopulating other overpopulated areas of the world. So that’s why my strategy is the way it is, attempting to give everyone an equal shot at the future, but you’ll have to put effort in it and if you want to hate on my strategy, you can fuck off and save yourself. 


I’ll be socializing Christmassily. To be continued xxxx


19:05 (07:05 PM) 

Am I amused? HAHA

Yung Fangz is doing thiss ayy

So my table conversation starter was: “Wat gaan jullie kiezen?” And now I’m out of things to say. Haha I was in Germany, unwelcome in my own home, and now I’m here. Such turbulence, much headache. 

I wonder if my sister would like to be my assistant. But I’m hesitant with asking, for now, since it’s not definitive, that I’ll be doing this. Suicide is also still a fucking option, if I can’t get people to work along. You’ve seen the medical report. Know I’m not fucking joking. I’m not going to do any proletarian slave shit. Unless it’s working for my Vicje, because he’s sooo Cuddle omggg โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ


20:56 (08:56 PM) 

Excuse my fit of suicidal thoughts… I’m just lonely because I don’t fit in with the masses, and the masses don’t seem to like me ๐Ÿ™ . But my real life appearance indicates something else. I act “happy” or at least “contempt” all of the time, because I don’t want to end up in a psychiatric ward again. I’m crazy traumatized. Even after my suicide attempt, they just kept focusing on the situation with my B, while it was none of their business. 

I’m online, because I’m excorting my grandmother with dementia to the bathroom. I’m waiting for her here. 

That’s her pretty pursee

Here are some pictures I took earlier:



Toilet picca. It has been a very long while since I did a touch up. As in I usually don’t take my make-up with me.

The CuddleFace… When I think of you…


Rare 😻

For my Android users: I have a self-coded conversation starter app. Uploaded it somewhere in the beginning of 2017. I was working on a version for Apple, too, but the virtual Mac I was using was so slow that it was frustrating to work on it, and then I got involved in the psychiatric industry and I never finished it ๐Ÿ™



23:19 (11:19 PM) 

Petty is backk  

My eyes are red because of sleep deprivation and concealer that gets into my eyes when I blink

Where were we…? I market my content on mainstream social media, because it’s cheap and my budget is not high at all, while for my real target audience, I need a crazy high marketing budget. For what I want to do, I should be advertising in The Economist and Het Financieele Dagblad and stuff. 

That it’s Christmas, doesn’t change the contents of my mind. We can all act as if our issues are not there, solely because it’s the end of December, but in that way it will never be solved. 

In my environment, it’s very normal to say that improving the world is impossible and that perfection doesn’t exist. If you believe that, then it is indeed impossible. But that I believe the exact opposite, doesn’t mean that I have fucking schizophrenia? What the fuck? I assume that those who don’t believe in it then also won’t mind staying subjected to this system, instead of to mine. 

When I started to write about my evacuation strategy, my plans for societal reform and the recruitment, I feared being compared to Adolph Hitler, because that will make the masses hate me. But I shouldn’t give a fuck about what people think of me – especially because actually they depend on me – and I can’t even deny that there are some similarities in our philosophies. 

I, too, find that is time for serious international change, the ratio between the amount of living space and the size of the population is far too low – but yes, some people whose whole life’s purpose is sitting in front of the TV [and then saying that change is impossible haha whattt], will disagree – and I find that those who are more loving, more intelligent and more ambitious, should have a higher chance of surviving “nature’s revenge”.

The version of me before my parents “calling the psychiatrists on me” would have never called it “nature’s revenge”. Then I really believed that I could save everyone and everyone would be on my side. But when I went missing [in an attempt to commit suicide, about which no one knew], dumb proletarians considered my career “over” and there where they usually said “Yes, you must be right. (Keep in touch with me so that I can lift along on your success.)”, they now use their TV knowledge to debunk every slight bit of hope I have and often say: “Oh, stop that, Dominique. You have tried it and you didn’t succeed.” (But I still haven’t even started yet…) Tell me why the fuck I should save that person? That’s a fucking waste of time, energy and (cognitive) resources.

The world seems peaceful here, because everyone here can go to work every day, without shit happening. We’re all so used to our routine, that it seems as if we can go on like this forever. But the amount of resources on this planet are not infinite. The fact that the threat of the Netherlands flooding exist – in the past (decades ago), it has happend several times already – means that nature is trying to correct for its imbalance. This is a piece of land that shouldn’t exist, and from it, there’s an insane amount of pollution being put into the air every day. That can not go on forever, right? What the politicians are doing here, is named afschuiving. Passing on the problem to the next generation. And all my generation knows is Netflix and social media trends…

By the way, it sounds as if my ideas for clothing design are expensive, but actually they aren’t. It would be expensive if I would hire an entire team to come up with the design and work it out, et cetera. I want to do everything myself, for as far that that’s possible. 

By the way, I’ve been considering deleting all of my social media again… Please tell me I don’t need social media marketing to be successful. I want to not see that disgusting fake culture of mindless sheepy trends anymore… ๐Ÿ™

Do you know what is also an unnecessary form of damaging the environment? Lighting fireworks throughout the whole country on the same day. People are already starting with their fireworks shit here, in proletaria (pun). It’s illegal right now, but some sheep find that exciting. The sound of it, so close to where I sleep, gives me palpitations. And the feeling of wanting to fang that person… 

There’s a whole policy for it, people barely stick to. And then the next day, on the news, they give the stats on how many people’s hands were blown off and shit… That kind of shit won’t exist on Planet Fang for sure.

I miss my Graeynissis ๐Ÿ™ โ™ฅ

I’m going to rid my bowels of the first Christmas dinner, get a snack and make myself some tea xxx

This piece of text was finished and uploaded on 00:44 (12:44 AM) December 26.