02:35 (AM) 

From now on, every time I update my blog, you’ll be able to see it mentioned on the Twitter page I just made. That will make it a lot easier for a Cuddle to see what’s new. I’m not using an e-mail newsletter, because I update my blog so frequently that that would be overkill. 

Today, I’ll work on My Volta’s Plan B [which I want to send to e-book stores et cetera for free and give it an ISBN and stuff], adjust my CV [I need some “being an employee” type of goals in it, to sync it up with my loyalty, once I go for something], search for the highest paying, most challenging full-time jobs (for my qualifications…) and do whatever else comes to mind 😀 . 

My Volta’s Plan B is exciting! It might seem a bit dry and vague now, but when it’s done, especially a Graeyniss will fully understand my enthusiasm 😀 . 

Right now, I’m going to decide on what my last midnight snack will be – I can’t decide between fruit (which will get me hungry faster) and rice with chicken (which is unhealthy, especially on this frequency and time of day) – plus add a Twitter feed to my blog and draft the full Volta related essay/article on paper, to make sure I won’t divagate too much. 

You’ll see all of it 😀 

I love you!♥