16:31 (04:31 PM) 

Meoww I’m about to start cooking. I received my login credentials for the Royal Library online deposit section earlier today 🙂 . I hope they’ll accept what I send them, haha…. 

Haha yaaaay


20:46 (08:46 PM) 

Hmmm I think I should start a forum on my blog… The most fun would be to have some games on it… Anything to make this website more enjoyable! It would be a lot more fun if I weren’t alone on this business journey (which is something that isn’t/shouldn’t be a lonely journey) to begin with. Again, I end up at the need for Graeynissis…

I should replace the SpreadShop with an e-book store, but when I send someone a PDF, it can be forwarded so easily. I can’t afford to miss out on any type of revenue… Except ad revenue…? x_x 

How to increase the involvement of my visitors… Reading through my personal struggle is boring… It’s getting boring to express it, too x_x. 

It would be nicer to have fun and collective tangibles. Such as a magazine from and for all publicists. And the tangibles from my thesis :D.

I guess that’s what I should make the article about… Hoping to find some Graeynissis who would like to support me… 

I’m also just going to make my website a partial e-commerce site…