12:55 (AM) 

Good afternoon ♥

How’s your day?

I’m sick again 🙁 . When my throat hurt, when I was at doctor Cuddle’s, I said that it was not the type of throat ache where swallowing hurts, because then it didn’t. Apparently that was “not yet”, because now, when I swallow, my entire body cramps up from the pain 🙁 . I keep drinking ginger in hot water, by means of attempting to cure it. 

My headache and persistent fatigue [how can I still be tired, while I’ve slept for so long???] make me not want to work today. But I just have to, because I want to know if they would still allow me in or not, and if I can be an apprentice Graeyniss/researcher, instead of a regular student. Honestly, I really don’t look forward to “the student life”… I find it overrated. But for the acknowledgement of my intelligence, it might be inevitable…

Meoww I’m going to make myself some soup and ginger tea xxx