Meow… I’m pondering about where to stay, when I get back to the Netherlands. I just want to be with my Graeynissis as soon as possible… 

My life shouldn’t go back to the routine it was, before I went to Germany. (It’s why I don’t want to go home.) I can’t wait for my next step in entrepreneurship! It is key for me to finish my book(s) and websites on time, as well as my executive summary. 

So, my plan for today is to have breakfast and pack. Then store my luggage, pick up my car, pick up my luggage, lunch with the Cuddle and drive to Dortmund.  No more stop in Hannover, because we’re saving costs… I’ll be picked up the next day. 

I wish I could see my B… How to achieve this? Meoww please tell me it’s possible…


Good morning ♥

How was your night?

Mine was gooooood. I fell asleep around 9 pm and woke up around 3. Then I pondered some and fell asleep again around 5. 

Having breakfast noww

A lot of my thoughts went to “What if the person who I call my father, isn’t really my father?” I would be happy to find out the truth. They seem like the kind of people who would say: “Oh no, she can’t handle the truth, so let’s carry this secret to our graves, or wait until it’s too late for her to meet him.” 

Especially around winter time, I look like “my parents”¿ even less. I’m far lighter than both of them, when there’s less sun. Now people say that some “family features” can skip generations and then my difference in skin tone could still be from the combination of the people I’ve been calling my parents for 22 years. But still, especially when you look at my character and the difference in the shape of my face, I could be a little B. 

Haha it would feel awkward to me to say this and be wrong about it. Because I’ve formulated mini arguments that back up my decades old gut feeling. Another reason that could make it awkward is that, since last night, I’ve constantly been idealizing and visualizing how much more Cuddle my life would be, if my Visje [= B] were my father. 

Meoww, I could be home schooled. And I could travel a lot. And I could get so many Cuddles and Cishes 😻. Meoww I want to be this little pesce. I will then also “suddenly” be a mix of cultures I’ve never in my life have heard of before. 


Lol. I saw this while I was on the toilet

Stau lifeee

Come and find meee

I started my descent. I’m going to miss Germany :(. It sucks that my living expenses are only paid for, when I’m (at home) with my parents. 

My last day here was a nice experience. I’m really going to miss it. 

The only thing I’m not going to miss are some racist motherfuckers who don’t think that I can understand German. But you have zillions of them in the Netherlands as well. Other than that, I’m really going to miss it here. The intelligent culture [vision on health, heritage in plenty forms of science etc.], the language, the “being someone with physical features you’ve never seen before”, the Cuddle, and the list goes on…