13:32 (01:32AM CEST +0 UTC?) 

Good afternoon, My Meow

How’s your day? 

I want to insert polls in my diary posts (then it becomes more of “our diary”), but I work so much slower on my laptop… (And it’s more interactive, which would be a more fun read, I think.) 

Sometimes after work, and lately after waking up, I read what is trending on my “blog”. The mood I was in when I started to write on this blog, is so very different from the mood I am in now.
19:04 (07:04 PM) 

I’m eating a meal prepared with ingredients I found in the house. The ingredients were a pack of Shanxi noodles, an union, some garlic, hoisin sauce, cajun spices, laos, ketjap (over the noodles after boiling them), salt, sugar snaps, two packs of shrimps out of the freezer and two packs of tofu (for (deep) frying).

21:15 (09:15 PM) 

My parents will be back on the 8th. (They went to Curaçao (+ North Sea Jazz Festival Curaçao) for 10 days.) My need for my own place to stay is less large now, but I know it’ll become twice as much (now that I’m used to being at home “by myself” (again)  (my sister is in her or my parents’ room, watching tv most of the time)) coming weekend. I like to keep my focus on my own work and exams. 

I have done some statistics today. At some point I had a look at the “handbook”, which contains an overview of all formulas and “orders of formulas to use to get a needed value”. We’re allowed to have the handbook with us when we make the test… I don’t think I need much more than that? 

23:08 (11:08 PM) 

I just changed my sheets… It has been a while :’D. 

I want to give a aunt and a cousin immunity throughout these posts.