The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be in sight. Those two years of restless nights, could finally show its merit! 

My strategy for rapid but peaceful global change, is narrowed down to something anyone else could understand, now. So I’m so glad that I’ve sent my Overture to Funding Options… 

One of their specialists has forwarded it to three different potential investors (two crowdfunding platforms and one individual). I’ll have to convince them that this will earn their investment back… I live for this, and I’ve developed a zillion strategies for that one strategic endeavor, so I hope they’ll see why investing in D.O.C.I.S. International is doing the right thing. But it’s such an unusual organization, I fear that that could be a reason for rejection… 

The rejection of my Overture, would break my heart… I don’t know what will happen… Will they all be interested in investing? Will I be able to convince only one person? Will they all say “no”? The coming few weeks will show… That’s why, currently, emotionally, I feel in between the purest, most intense form of happiness and satisfaction, and a destructive type of heart break. Their decision will shift me to one of the two extremes. 

That everything about my personal life can be read here – some things positive, most of them negative – is a conscious move that’s all about the transparency I value so much in my business. I’m not at all proud of the things I’ve done and gone through in the past two years, but, since my endeavor touches on personal lives, I find it important that you know how I experience and have experienced life. I hope that we’re similar type of people. But if we’re not, you should know that, too, before you make your decision. 

I quit sharing my feelings here regularly, because the situation with my feelings and my family still hasn’t changed the slightest bit. They find that their actions were right in the past two years, and I find that my actions were right in the past two years. Even a consensus would be a waste of time in this context. I want to solve this by leaving for good and keeping full focus on my business. Because this is not even friendship, to me. I’ve never felt so lonely and so misunderstood. 

But they want to keep talking about it. Talking about it is easy, when the rest of everyone they know, feels the same way about me, and they all agree about that I was wrong. And because they’re a majority, it’s “reality” to them. But that’s because when I’m right, in this specific context, they’re wrong. Unbiased opinions from “outsiders” don’t count in that “reality”, so I’m the schizophrenic. They don’t want to let me go, and the way they look at me hurts me so much. 

When I direct my campaign, I’d be glad to say that I won’t have time for any of that nonsense. I would be so happy to finally live my purpose. Approaching investors is the last step in my Volta’s Plan B in Practice! I can’t wait to direct the Project Nosce Te Ipsum campaign! If my three funding options say no, I won’t stop searching… 

I hope to finally pay myself a salary soon, though. (That’s why there’s so much emotional weight on my first attempt.) Then I can finally afford my own place to stay, and I finally won’t be a dependent person anymore. I put myself in that situation, by investing all of my time into creating the strategy for the development of D.O.C.I.S. International. A strategy to fully, legally, change the entire system at once! 

I’ve taken a risk by betting my life on it – because I’ve fallen behind on getting a bachelor’s, earning and gaining working experience – but I wouldn’t have done it, if I didn’t see how much potential my ideas have. I hope you see the same thing, my dear reader. 

I can’t wait to give presentations about my plans, and assemble a group of professionals, I’ll be able to pay to make my vision reality. I look forward to make people from different fields work together! The campaign is designed in a bottom-up type of management style 🙂 .