13:26 (01:26 PM)

Good afternoon ♥

I just came here to start this post. I’m going to make some homework assignments for Genesis. As in: I’m going to make a couple of homework exercises to help her, the steph-grandchild of the people in whose house I live, go to the next grade with full certainty. 

After the shower is free, so that I don’t have to interrupt myself while I’m busy for her, when go to this birthday party of a family friend. 

Having feelings for family friends is a very trippy topic of conversation, by the way. I feel like such a sad petje right now 🙁 . 


20:31 (08:31 PM) 

Currently, I’m at a birthday party. I had the most interesting conversation with my family friends Tyrone and Keanu, before we left their house, to come to decorate the party location their mother is celebrating her birthday at. Where I am right now, too. 

He told me that the dyke near their house will be raised two meters, that he once saw how there was only a very tiny difference between the height of the water and the tip of the dyke, and that once they had to evacuate due to the high water level. Those are such worrisome topics for teenagers 🙁 . 

I seriously plead for more drastic water-safety protocols. Man I really want some governmental power 🙁 .

There’s also this tiny harbor and freight storing location in front of their dyke house. Our parents are all really close and stuff.

I haven’t seen them in so long. The last time I saw them, they were veryyy busy with house renovations. That was years ago. But they’re still going steady with it. 

I took this picture in their bathroom

Did you know that I was named after their mother? Her name is Dominique. We’re now celebrating her birthday. Isn’t that hilarious? “Dominique is celebrating her “aunt” Dominique’s birthday” haha… “My aunt” who’s not my blood relative. 

Especially because of the “pallets storing” harbor-ish location in front of their house and the alarm system in my parents’ house, with the tons of fuuucking expensive computers and stuff, I really wonder… Why exactly are they teaching us that we’re family, while they call each other friends?