Do you know what it’s like, when a strategy doesn’t play out in the way you prefer? I sure as hell do 😀 . Luckily, my method leaves enough room, to recalculate and make the adjustments that will get us/me back into the right direction in no time! There are multiple ways to achieve the goals of a Volta, is how I see it. That’s how the method is designed: formulate a strategy and keep perfecting it, until you get there. Failure is not an option!

Consider the method in Volta‘s first part, the 1.0 version of the public version of the method. There’s still quite some uncertainty about whether the generalizations in it – such as the first sentence of this post – suit The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning. Since I have no official subjects [yet? :D], to tell me if the method suits them or not, I’ll continue to use the method on myself, and share my findings with you. I hope that you’ll be able to relate to my words, and that the strategy I use, really can be generalized. If the method I use, is applicable to any individual, that means that The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning really can be found, and that great global changes really can be made with consensus! 🙂 With multiple in-dept analyses of personal Volta’s – and maybe adjusting the method here and there, depending on what we encounter – we’ll certainly get there.

I’m still drafting this post. It will become a very important piece, since it’s not only making the content of my newest book more clear. It will also include my next steps. This will be my cheat sheet, for the time to come, so that I won’t lose track of where I’m heading, as I will hand over my free time to an employer, and occupy myself with some not-related-to-any-institute self-study. And hopefully writing some texts… [If you have any books you would like to recommend to me, pleaseee let me know! As I write this post, I still haven’t definitively decided on what to study first… And what sources to use for that, et cetera…] I’ll be drawing diagram-ish things in this post 😀 [If you’re new: I always publish my drafts, because I like to show you my process 🙂 ]


Overviewing the Method

Plan A didn’t work out. What I want to achieve in the end, doesn’t change, so I need to work out an alternative, to stay on track. For that, its crucial to keep an overview of the method I have decided on and swear by. So I drew Volta’s method as a diagram:

Diagram about Volta

Changing a life around has never looked so simple 🙂

Of the three options that make “The Method”, only plan A and B should be defined from the start, but plan B only needs to be worked out in detail, when it’s needed. If plan A works out, having a fully worked out plan B is unnecessary. Also, I must say that I also find it very relaxing, to go back to the drawing table, and reflect on all of my Volta, before latching onto a new strategy. That’s another plus of plan B only being a short overall definition and an idea that only exists mentally. But choosing to define everything at once is, of course, good, too. The preferred approach depends per person.

For a simple overview, I state my definitions again. They are:

    • Current state: not having a fixed income, not having my own place to work and live in, not having friends I can do serious business with [relates to my business endeavor], not [yet!] having all of the multidisciplinary expertise needed for the global Volta and not [yet!] having enough capital to run my business the way I want to. (Just stating what should change, for overview reasons. There are more things going on in this state, though.)
    • Desired state: earning enough to fully provide for myself, preferably emigrating to California, having enough capital to properly market my business and, once I’ve gained enough expertise and the three Nosce Te Ipsum collections have been written, marketing my research once I’m done, with the intentions of uniting with others who are reasoning out serious change. Constituting our own independent state (talking about land), in the future…
    • Preferred strategy: [currently, I don’t even prefer this anymore, because I actually prefer to stay fully independent (and rejection stings), but it was:] by becoming the student of a properly ranked international university, “tweaking” a curriculum into one where I can gain my multidisciplinary expertise (almost) straight from the expert, and prove my new knowledge by using it in additions to the Nosce Te Ipsum collections. And then marketing that entire process as well as the end result, plus using all of that to market the concept of D.O.C.I.S. International.
    • Plan B: working full-time (again), searching for my own place. while following a self-made study schedule to gain the expertise I need, using my new expertise in the Nosce Te Ipsum collections, expanding my network by befriending experts who agree with my concept for the global Volta, and pitching the (then finished sample of the) Nosce Te Ipsum series for (a) potential investor(s) and partner(s) (who I still need to find).

I, currently, don’t see any adjustments coming. But examples of them could be: fully finishing the three collections before pitching them, instead of finishing one of them and then pitching it, because if my job is good enough and money won’t be that tight, the need to desperately expand my business won’t be that strong [but I still want to, aside from writing, make videos, games and tangibles for every collection, and people need time to process one collection, so three from the start is overkill anyway, thus no reason to exhaust myself that much], and if I ever manage to find a researcher who wants to work with me (again) [or get Benoît back… Omg what happeneddd?! :'( ], when he/she works with me, he/she will be independent and not representing any institute.

Defining What Exactly Made Me Restrategize

The reason why I’m now switching to plan B, is very simple: plan A was only possible if the university accepted my offer, and my offer was rejected. I knew that I was taking a great risk, when I wrote it so alternatively. I knew that I was not enthusiastic about becoming a regular student, and the acceptance of my research related alternative is all I would accept, and I was honest about that in my offer. Still, the rejection stung quite a bit, because I had that tiny bit of hope that the potential of my offer would have been seen. But it was written very abstractly, and not reviewed by that potential researcher I could have been working with, so now I’m back at being and staying fully independent.

Sure, I could have tried plan A on more than one university. Still, I only approached one university, because I knew of one (or maybe two or three) researcher(s) there, who already know some about what I’m working towards, and fully explaining everything from scratch would take soooo much time (which is also why the offer was written abstractly, and it included the name of my Graeyniss I wanted to continue working with). And I don’t like asking/begging and then being rejected. Especially not more than once. And especially not with something that lies so close to my heart. If it were a job hunt, I wouldn’t even care that much (but I still would care a little, though).

Why defining the painful reason why I’m switching from plan A to B is useful? Two reasons: now, some components that were part of “The Method”, will be stripped off and replaced, and it’s important that I now only ask things from external parties, when I reallyyyyy have to.

How to Bypass the Factors of Plan A and Stay on Track

Plan A may include as many external parties as desired, and in plan B, that should be kept to a minimum. What I did before this, was wait for the acceptance or rejection of my offer, while releasing Volta and making some changes to my websites. The waiting was part of the plan, because signing a contract for a full-time job, and then withdrawing from that in a few weeks’ time, because my offer was accepted (a 10% chance, but still…), is against my loyalty related morals.

Depending on a university for guidance in gaining expertise [something I only have the patience for, when I’m offered guidance when I truly need it, instead of being subjected to it on a mandatory basis, in a fixed format, anyway…] is off the table [aside from continuing my non-residential studies at The Open University, when I have earned enough to pay my tuition, because I need something to fall back on, in case all of my business ideas don’t work out and I need a better job]. That was the only optional external party on my path. A problem I now have, is that it has become much harder for me to build the right network. I hope that when I have amped-up my multidisciplinary levels of expertise, I’ll be able to attend serious Graeyniss events (and have the funds to attend those) and use that to meet the people I’ll need for the global Volta. I’ll also need them, to double-check the theoretical side of the Nosce Te Ipsum collections.

The major difference, when it comes to my main strategy, is that I’ll now have to search for all of the answers, to the global mystery I’m trying to solve, by myself… That reminds me of another group of external parties I need! (Even though, the Graeynissis, experts, investors and “informants”, might be the same people.) The most theoretical and “difficult” part of the expertise I seek for the Nosce Te Ipsum series and the global Volta, is “scientifically defining” how the system works. So the way economics, politics, law, et cetera, are globally linked together, stuck in a cycle. Most of my research will be literary (and alone…) now that I can’t ask a university researcher, but I’m quite sure that the depths of it, won’t be stated in the types of books I’ll be able to find. Maybe if I’m able to gain enough attention and appreciation with the work I do, one of the individuals whose expertise lies in the maneuvering in the depths of the system.

I’ll bypass the factors of plan A and stay on track, by doing fully independent self-study. At some point, I’ll need a better network, which I might be able to get, by attending events that will relate to my new expertise. (Or by being at the right place, at the right time. Or by my work being more popular by that time…)

Formulating a New Strategy to Achieve my Goals, in Detailed Steps

This is the most fun part of my plan B 😀 . It’s also the most challenging part, because I want to prevent myself from making crucial changes to it, again! Blah blah introductory words about going to list the steps that will lead to achievements! Let’s get to it 😀

Step 1: A Summary of the New Strategy and a Financial Overview

[General: overall orientation on goal(s) and strategy]

My strategy is split into a personal side and a business side. I’ll summarize them in tables, because the steps I’ll take to achieve my goals, are also split into those two categories.

Usually, working on payroll, is seen as the “business” side of a life. But because the endeavor behind my sole proprietorship is so large, searching for a job is solely to cover my living expenses. (Unless my business plans all don’t work out, but I’ll have to be at least 35 to say that that happened. Before that, I really won’t stop trying. But as long as I don’t get there, I’ll attempt to climb up the corporate ladder.)

Personal Business
  • Income
    Of course, I need to stay able to pay my bills. There are new business expenses coming up as well (this far, I’ve covered all of my business expenses from my own pocket). Also, I would like to buy new clothes and change my hair and stuff… And re-stack my savings, after all of the turbulence in my life, which has cost me all of that. So, for the quickest guaranteed legal income, need to start working somewhere full-time, like I did when I came back from escaping turbulence in the US (while having my final exams et cetera, and still passing everything).
  • Living
    I need an office. Preferably one in my home. Yeah, that’s the second part: I need a home. But I prefer living in California over living in the Netherlands. Money wise, I can’t afford to live anywhere, which is why I’m still “crashing on the couch” in Amsterdam. That really needs to change. So I’ll rent something small I also need new people in my social circle, like I already mentioned in Volta. Some new friends I can do business with…
  • Expertise
    For my multidisciplinary endeavor, I need to know how the entire system works, before I can be certain about my concept for a new one, so I have some questions regarding the fields of economics, political science, law, mathematics, ecology, engineering, and the list goes on. (Since this is plan B,) I’ll be doing quite some self-study. What I learn and the way I’ll use my knowledge to achieve my goals, will become part of Nosce Te Ipsum.
  • Conceptualization
    The abstract main question of my multidisciplinary (pre-)research is “How does the system (really) work?” I want to turn my learning process into entertainment. [Of course, I need to have finished the written theoretical side before I start campaigning… And I need to expand my network, because videos of it are more fun, when I’m talking to an expert.] When all of my questions are answered, I can work out the rest of the Nosce Te Ipsum series. Its science fiction story is the survey, in which my concept for an alternative system is described, and the questions in it, relate to finding consensus, by finding The Universal Standard of Human Reasoning. I would like to bring the series out in book, audio and video format.
  • Scale
    For my business to become successful, I need to reach many more people. Not only because I need at least 15,000 subjects to ratify The Universal Standard of Human reasoning. It would also be nice to find publicists for D.O.C.I.S. International, and find people who would like to help me put into practice the practical side of the alternative system (including the state) I’ll be working out after I’m done writing down my plan B.

To make sure I stay on the right track and stay financially healthy, a quick overview of my monthly expenses and what I need to keep money aside for:

Title Category Recurrence Amount
Health insurance Personal Monthly €117.50,- (I need to add some modules to my subscription, though, since it got downgraded after I was behind on payments, but now that my doctor lives in Germany, let’s say it becomes €160,- once I start earning (including a buffer for own risk payments))
Phone subscription Personal(… for now…) Monthly €55,-
Spotify Personal Monthly €10
Webhosting Business Monthly €25
ISBNs Business Quarterly €50
Books Business Monthly (on average) €75
Hair, clothing and other appearance related things (like waxing hahaaaa I need to make sure that I don’t keep not doing that! x_x) Personal(/business?) One-time + monthly (on average) [That’s what I want to start doing… Or maybe quarterly? Currently, I only do that when I have something extra to spend, and that is basically never] €600 + €100
Minimum potential rent Personal Monthly (in the future) €600
Potential down payment + costs of moving in Personal One-time (in the future) €1000
Food Personal Monthly €250
Travelling expenses Personal(/business) Monthly €100
Social things (buying drinks in a bar, birthday presents, etc) Personal Quarterly €125
Online marketing Business Quarterly €100 [as long as I don’t have investors… For Volta, my marketing budget was €0. For previous releases, I’ve spent about €250 in total.]
Buffer (to save, in case of wildly unexpected expenses) Personal Monthly €200

So my totals are:

  • Average monthly expenses starting from March: €1532.50 (but this is including rent… it’s €932.50 excluding rent)
  • Average total expenses for the second quarter of 2019: €275 [€92 per month]
  • Total of one-time expenses: €1600
  • Everything in a monthly rate: €1024.50 without rent and one-time expenses, €1807.50 with rent and without one-time expenses
  • Minimum income to start renting a place from April (but the sooner, the better, actually): about €2000,- (is what I’m saying, because when I work full-time, often, my max is €1800… Haha I’m basically doomed, because I should be earning way more to cover this and not be financially on the edge every time. But anything is better than my current financial state. Oh, yesss add a €600 one-time expense to that, since I need to get myself out of bank debt. (Not to start about my student debt… Ohh and I need to keep money aside for my Open University modules… You know what, I’ll just see how far I get with all of this 😀 . It seems like I’ll be going for that sales job…!!! I really can’t keep “crashing on the couch” here x_x. And I should start searching for investors asappp…))

What I would exactly ask from an investor (since the end result is a state, it’s better to think of a tiny legion of investors [but it’s a peaceful endeavor!]), depends on my findings. I’ll leave it blank, for now, but it’s a lot. That’s for certain.

Step 2: A Fixed Income and an Approach to Gaining More Multidisciplinary Expertise

[Personal: the first step]

When Plan B is initiated, I’ll go from full-time blogging, writing books and web maintenance, to (full-time) working, studying and writing/blogging. Once before, I’ve worked full-time, while studying (including having tests and assignments) and writing/blogging, so I’m certain that I have enough discipline for this. It all went well (even though it was veryyy exhausting). And this time, I’m even more eager to learn, because I won’t just be doing it to make a test (ugh testsss).

Again, there’s the personal side, and the business side. I’ll start with breaking down the personal side of the step I’m currently working on, and then head over to the business side, which is keeping me in sync with my endeavor.

The Fixed Income (Personal)

Here are the vacancies I’ve been looking at. And the blogs to (potentially) guest blog at, because I want to (greatly) grow my audience. (But if it’s the right audience for me…) They’re freshly copy-pasted from the word-document I made for my job hunt:


Online redacteur NPO 4 (Hilversum)

Webredacteur Santé (Hilversum)

Creative editor / writer Scotch & Soda (Amsterdam)

Redacteur bij Pulse Media Group (Amsterdam)

Accountmanager Titan Media Group (Gouda)

Administratief medewerker ANWB (Den Haag)

Guest blogging…

Daily Science Fiction:

New York Times:


The vacancies are placed in a random order. Committing myself to any job is not for the “fun” of it… Especially because I can do so much more than what I qualify for. 

The Approach (Business)

Drafting still 

Macroeconomics: A model of our global system in full detail? Source: The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes = part 1 [Now there are digital media and crypto currencies]

Part 2: How do financial shifts work? (The details of investment banking) Source: I don’t know where to exactly find the answers to this, but, apparently, investment banking started with that VOC piracy business… Oh my god, the Netherlands lie far under the water level of the sea, so doing business with it is always a risk… And here is where it started… This makes me wonder if the WIC – the indirect reason why I was born in the Netherlands (is ancient slave trade) – was also on the trading market… The WIC, The Dutch West India Company by Gerard Koot, History department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (2015) shows me it does… Okay, I want to know everything. This is related to my origin. 

I must say that I’m so very shocked about this. The VOC and the WIC were both multinationals owned by the state, which earned from unethical things, such as piracy and slave trade. And to then learn that the way we know (public) stock trading today, started there, and that this is internationally known – probably as showpiece of this country… I just didn’t expect that the origin of trading would be something that lies so close to my heart, and that it would be based on something that I find unethical. 

This seems like a good source for the theoretical aspect:  J.M. Keynes, “Foreign investments and national advantage”. Even though this was not part of the plan, I’m very curious about the historical aspect, too… The finances of the VOC and WIC are unmissable in this. 

Part 3: Study on (big media) PR influence on macroeconomics (and its beneficiaries)

Part 4: Categories of “breaking news” and its cycle 

Part 5: What is our political direction? Whatever it is in detail, it’s destroying the Earth, and I want to offer you an alternative that doesn’t induce that. + Why our current system causes damage to the earth and change is inevitable. 

Politics: What’s the “political construction” (trias politica ish) of every “big player” in the world? And what are their comparative advantages?