12:58 (PM)

Good afternoon ♥

I decided to resort to a less painful method, yesterday, and am still here. So I can vote 🙂 . I’ll get to that right away now. After that, continuing this method, I can even still work on my websites 🙂 .

I’ll get to that! &Please please do not copy the behavior that comes with my suicidal tendencies 🙁 .

Yesterday, I impulsively named my post “campaigning D.O.C.I.S.”, showing more of the definition of that in practice, which was followed by a wave of sadness, because it is so hard for me to find the appreciation I need for success.

I would like to have a self selected security team around me… My income doesn’t say that I need that. But I think the way people treat me, really shows that I do need that. This proves people are very biased about me:

People really don’t believe me, when I say that the D.O.C.I.S. includes selecting who to keep alive, based on intelligence. I remember everyone who hurts me.


14:21 (02:21 PM)

Voting day “swag”…


15:41 (03:41 PM)

The awful truth… It should start with my parents having a double nationality, the way they should have, from the start. But they were born as Dutch people, in one of the many (former) colonies. If they adapt, I could become entitled to have a say in the reform of that country as well, taking the same double nationality (and becoming president…).

I didn’t expect this Catje’s name on that list… He has, this campaigning period, been the face of the party, but not that of his party in Europe, so I’m voting “standard”, assuming that any party win means that all Dutch people leave their European coalitions… (En een Europees parlement, en een nationaal parlement, en een Eerste en Tweede Kamer… Die constructie is sowieso veels te deep-state gevoelig…)

I love children’s curiosity! Parents should motivate that and extensively teach them everything they want to know 🙂 .

For the D.O.C.I.S. International website, I’m switching from the Sublime Text editor trial, to Notepad++.

18:47 (06:47 PM)

I added some text to this page on the D.O.C.I.S. International website. I think my site looks very pretty 🙂 .

I’m tired now :(. That must partially be because of the silent hunger strike I’m on, or something… By means of reducing my suffering, I do have eaten some fruit and a few banana crisps… I can still feel my body weaken, though. This is a slow process 🙁 . Life is so boring to me. I wish I could make my experience of it, stop in a successful instant. I don’t want to try a method of which I’m not sure of its effectiveness.

I’m a sad Catje .


19:24 (07:24 PM)

In case you wonder if I really want to die: if my only alternative is to be stuck in my parents house: absolutely yes. If people would not be dumb fucking snakes I all want to give headshots, and buy my book or donate some money to me, my fate could have been different.

By reading about the days of my life, you are a witness of the death of me. Doing nothing… You don’t give a fuck, do you?


23:51 (11:51 PM)



Explanations… Het antwoord op de vragen, staat in het document zelf.